Thursday, 3 December 2009

monkey is finished

I have finished the first monkey very late last night, then had to take the mouth off as she hated it.
I have to buy some embroidery thread to do mouths after work so shall photo and upload it tonight, her name is Sally and she is very cute, I have her at work as every one wanted to see her finished, and on the way home last night I was 'forced' to buy more socks of the boy variety to make my boys a monkey each now!
Am finally feeling okay and just have bruised arms left from Monday's Jabs, also need to be well as tonight is my art class and I have a picture to finish and new one to start, I think I shall do the boat in the swell for Tom for Xmas, should have time in three classes left and if not then he shall get it in the new year.
The class currently in are researching Jurassic park and has a few louder children in it who keep calling (shouting) to each other the casts names etc which is very distracting, hopefully they wont be here long but they are booked until after 12!
Back to my next monkey that I machined in 20 minutes this morning and means I should get most of him done today!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

wordle again

New wordle fun, eco schools this afternoon!

Monkeys and boats

I have brought in my camera and taken pictures of the boats in my library, I think they look good up there but the wall is between 10 foot and 12 foot high!

I have more pics but the uploader dosent want to play today!
I am still making my monkey though he has arms and tail now, and part done face! but still to make ears and havent brought any buttons to work!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Monkey Madness

My day has been spent so far stealing minutes to make a monkey, I have a finished body and tail and am half way through the first arm, he grows slowly and once I have one done my daughter wants more made for her friends! the boys mean while want to choose their socks to make a monkey from carefully.
another fab thing is which Anne has asked me to check for access and I love it here is my first try, and I cant wait for more time to do more may be a monkey one next!!!!
feeling a bit flat as I got both flu jabs last night and keep losing focus, arms feel dead and head is stuff with manky old cotton wool... monkey helps and that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.