Sunday, 20 February 2011

Twilight Zone

What a strange week, and now I feel as if I have entered the Twilight Zone! the word came officially about my job and what ever is to replace it has to go to full council to ratify, time will pass.

Ate out so many times last week I am stuffed and happy, even work took us out to Mackay's for lunch on Friday and I ate well...

Didn't get done what I planned for work but got other things done which was more useful and fun :-D

Great Stitch and Bleather yesterday, did loads, chatted a storm, knitted and relaxed. Oddly I didn't feel complete when I left, which it often does make me feel. Then again it has been an odd week and until I know what is happening about work, and other things I shall feel as if I am waiting.

My kids are playing words and we are trying to alliterate and not get it right, my fave was pseudo ptarmigan, with 2 silent p's.

I can't even settle to type, but I need to write some every day if I am to improve and maybe by November try the Nanowrimo? I shall plan...

Sunday, 13 February 2011


I am waiting my sons return form Italy and I just waiting, also waiting to hear what is happening about jobs, and have bloods due which I will be waiting on the results of and all I seem to do is wait! in my waiting I have set up a twitter under the name of biblios, feel free to find me, I may be there often or not, just waiting...

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Unsettling Times

Well after a few days of strange and unsettling happenings I can lay some of the ghosts, I spoke to those who could help and made a few changes to my life which will help me and what I cant change or find out about yet I shall endure, I have got to a no/low worry point and hope after yoga tonight I shall sleep well and wake refreshed as opposed to late and grumpy which has been the note for this week. I am looking forward to the week long break that only I have to work, and only 6 school days until I get there.
mean while back at the ranch my youngest is due to go skiing for the first time and has his head in the clouds... la la la nothing to worry about, he goes 5am Saturday, whats the betting that Friday night is chaos! I want to be past and get him back already! but we have to get him packed and away first.
Have a lovely new book to read called the winter of my disconnect, which is fab and I am looking forward to it. also have full kindle to read and heaps of knitting! so busy old weekend for me :-D.