Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The lull in the storm

Oh woo, what a week. We had so much fun and did so much, I didn't get to the Internet once. We saw 'all the things' as my youngest says. I got home late Sunday night and spent Monday at work and washing (though more has just arrived even when I asked for it all yesterday!) and didn't even get up to day until after 12.30pm! which was very very nice. Here is a picture of us in the Stromness marina, with our boat Moonhammer, and herself on the boom, her favourite place as she can see everything and be above us all.
We were very lucky with the weather and only saw a few wet days and then only for half a day of rain.
Tom's cousin joined us with his family and caravan and we had a big family time too.
I did write while away but not much and most in a book!
More later as I should get access to Internet from Devon more regularly.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Holidays Are Coming

My last post before getting away from it all! or not :-) I had to book tickets last night and found all Saturdays sailings were booked so we have tickets for Friday evening and so this may be my last from home until the 20th July, and then until the 9th of august, I hope to get pics uploaded and a note of what we have been up to and other information.
I hope to load up more from libraries and Internet cafes as I travel.
Happy summer and back soon.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Work and Play?

I have been working all week, I have been in to work early most days and late with one exception, when I took work home to finish. but that hasn't been my mine focus. my story is growing, tonight it is at 15,300+ words and I am into my second week of writing, I have only have one day of less than 2k words, and while it isn't going where I thought it would, I am enjoying it heaps. it has been a challenge as I cant go back and edit anything as per my agreement to write, and I keep running out of supporting stuff and have a whopping great history book next to my computer which is so large it gets peoples knees if the get too close :-D
I am also knitting but plan to do more next week on my hols, and I booked my tickets tonight, wheeeee, I feel giddy, mind you I did find I had to go over Friday night as Saturday was all booked up! all those peeps in Orkney, may be a bit crowded, but fun I hope.
I am off to bed to read now as I am avoiding Torchwood, which seems to be trying to freak me this time round which is a pity as I adore John Barrowman.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Busy doing nothing

I have spent my weekend busy doing nothing, first hubby ended up going to Orkney and I had the kids etc all alone, then I had to get back up to speed as I had a day with few words earlier in the week, I am now at 9,300 words! I spent chunks of yesterday and today in the garden and have some great pics to prove it :-D this is from the back door looking over at the pool and trampoline. I caught the sun today and have a pink arm and shoulder, and my daughter is a also pink which is rare for her, but she sat in full sun for over an hour 'drying' after being in the pool. I got all my laundry done, cleaned and tidied and even did bins and dug up potatoes (my own grown in pots in the garden, they didn't last long as we cooked them and had them for an afternoon snack) Daughter has just used the 'bad cat' spray of water on her legs as they feel too hot. I shall leave with my picture of the evening sun in my garden, and my cat being a plant.
Nope no cats here just us plants.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Sunshine and warmth

I shall be blogging during July but time will be put to my story, and I will be showing it eventually but not until it is well edited so may be September then
I have just been taking pics of my mad cat and thought I would share one with you, and try uploading pics to this too
She is abusing the children tent in the back garden, but she doesnt get to go away with us. She would like to though.