Monday, 9 July 2012

CPD Thing #11

Thing #11 is Mentoring.
Last year I was asked to be a mentor for the first time and worried for hours over helping or hindering, putting too much me in or not being there enough! I had a charteship candidate who had submitted and failed the first time, so in many ways I had the hard work done for me :-). The candidate had all the work needed with a few gaps, so we just had to re organise the current stuff and fill the gaps in. They worked well with me, I made comments and suggestions and always added that they only did what felt right! some things they did were above and beyond what they needed but they enjoyed it, others were so different from how I had envisaged it but was right for them. The finished portfolio was all their own work and showed them to be an effective and progressive librarian. I learnt so much! and so did they.
Now I have bitten off a bit more to chew! I have 3 chartership candidates and 1 Acilip candidate, one should be chartered well within the year, they have so much already in place, just need gaps filling and a bit of confidence. One has some in place but needs to get up to speed, they need less hands on and more pointing to get more done. The third candidate has the biggest amount of work to do, I am not sure they have yet understood all that's needed, but we shall get there. And  the Acilip candidate has both me as formal and a recently passed acilip person as an informal help so should be fine :-) (but is the one I am most worried about how to support).
I also have an informal mentor, who is a star. I have rung up about the oddest things and if she has time she will always chat and help. I know she is often busy so I also do the 'what would she do here' thing, and I have a wide group of support network, both face to face and virtual, you can never have enough network support, I have and am learning so much both of myself and of my work.
I agree that mentoring is a two way thing and also I would suggest it is also an individual thing, I can only help my way, if I don't suit a candidate I would rather they found another mentor and did well than struggled on with me. I will be keeping that in mind as I help the current group to grow and spread their own wings. I also live in hope than one will fly far enough to completely eclipse me and I can sit back in the future and go 'I helped them charter you know' :-) what every mentor hopes.

Monday, 2 July 2012

CPD thing #10 From An Ostrich

 An ostrich!See I have my head in the sand!

I have become comfortable and one thing I got form last year was that I had to challenge my comfort zone, before someone else did! I had to make myself move out into the world and do more, I learnt so much about myself (still learning) and what I wanted out of life.
I did look into a masters even though I am fully chartered, but felt the extra work for limited return was not needed yet. I was challenged by a friend to do my fellowship! Frankly that scared me! but I have thought about it and not yet but soon I will start looking into how I go about gaining my fellowship. I need more experience yet (at 43! in work for nearly 13 years! and yes I need more experience) Things I never even thought about before, I have been successful with one mentee so far but now have 3! I know this will challenge and stretch me, I am also slowly gaining my feet as a line manager and even applied for a senior post (in hope I may add but I did enjoy upping my game to get what I needed for the interview) it would have meant more money but more hassle, the lady who got it has been a great help to me, more than I fear I would have been to others so may be learning and applying those lessons are more what I need now.
My 'what next' has to be consolidation and then in a few years senior and fellowship aims. I am hoping to get a paper done for the Umbrella 13 (I did promise Biddy I would) and I want to organise a mash up for library type peeps in the highlands! May add the CPD23 lists when I get it sorted! Need a venue but most other plans in place and links to 'other' librarians already up and running.
So last year I had no idea, this one is a bit better but I think it somthing I will need to address at a regular point. Thank you for giving me the chance.