Friday, 15 May 2015

Always look on the bright side of life.

I had so many plans and ideas for this week, my daughter is home for 2 scant weeks and then she is away to the US to work again for camp america. My youngest has his final high school exams happening and there is enough sun to stop using the tumble drier and start hanging out washing.

Now I am sure you can guess that none has happened the way I planned. Daughter had to go to London to get her Visa from the american embassy and her paper work was late and caused no end of hassle, she said 'get me to London the easiest and cheapest way mum'... :-) She now hates buses and is muttering about how much she hates buses in every contact. She now has just over a week left to do everything she planned in the two weeks and I have to make another T shirt for Nev.
Last years shirt was a Camp America shirt this years will be a Camp Letts shirt :-) which he will look so sweet in.

My youngest had just done his English and I asked him the car as I dropped him off for his exam what texts he studied, he had to think about what the titles were, I am now a wee bit worried for his results. He wasn't thrilled with the exam and came home straight after to talk to friends online. We shall just have to hope.

I had lots of work this week and some school stuff that had to be done in a timely fashion so of course my cleaner had a small fire at my desk one night knocking my whole world out of shape and meaning I am playing catch up, and I am sure I have missed something! The complete contents of the space behind my desk was moved to allow for a proper check and fixing! but then I took nearly 2 hours just to put back the stuff they moved! I make my world more settled I have had 3 visits from management who all noted that this should give a chance to sort and bin stuff!

I did manage to hang out some laundry this morning and we shall see how dry it is or if the rain falls and the boys miss it! My towels will all be wet I fear, But the morning was so bright and sunny and warm, the cats all ran for the trees and grass to stalk the birds and mice that seem to be every where. The Cherry tree is in full bloom and the apples and to my joy my crab apple tree and the new pear tree are also in bloom, the garden looks lovely.

My wonderful and very very valuable assistant has now been with me a year and has suggested she help make me a timetable to help keep things organised and done in a timely manner :-) I am so pleased, I have so much and so often realize that I should have done this last week or the week before that getting a timetable will be perfect.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Oh Dear

The best plans of mice and men go astray!
Work and the world has been unkind to my plans and I have got out of the habit of doing my blog, I was reading back over the past and only the most recent ones are boring and stilted, I need to get these muscles back in running order again, and I wont try and fill me blog with a massive amounts today and just get back into the habit.
I haven't stopped while not writing, my courses have gone up and I am enjoying my work still.
I did the advocacy course from the Toronto University and it was amazing, I am still processing all that we covered, I passed with an 83% which considering I fluffed a whole section and didn't feel I had enough space to fulfill my brief and be happy was quite pleasing. I shall share what I gained here along with the future learn courses that I so enjoyed and the few I really haven't enjoyed, which was still very interesting.

It is that time of year again when I so want to go and spend heaps of money at the Highland Wool Festival, I was due run a workshop for Crochet but sadly the take up of workshops was so poor that they made the choice to get rid of them and just have a day full of stalls and things :-) means I am not so pressured to get there and may get there for lunch! My husband is working on the opposite end of the council area and is hoping to meet me at the event for a few hours as its 2 hours from me and just over 3 from him. I have too many projects on the go again, but hope to get some done. I did finish some very nice socks which I had only been making for 4 or 5 years :-) and started some fab multicoloured wool which is acid neon colours and so makes me smile. Pictures when there is enough knitted to make it worth showing.

I had got all my DK together to make kits for the crochet class so I am now planning making some granny squares either for a blanket or possibly for this coat. Which should make for an interesting make as this picture is all I have :-) my designer hat is firmly on, and if I can 'make' it I can also help my friend who also wants one to make it... or Bodge it at the very least!

Not very awake to day as I was going to bed last night noticed one of the cats wasn't in her normal spot, asked and turns out she hadn't come home and they hadn't done anything! ack, it 11.15 last night and it started raining again and I am in a thin fleece and crocs wandering the local roads calling for her with a torch, cursing the kids! Ended up making them look for her as I was getting way too cold. went to bed worried but she came in at 1.30am! but I had a broken night worrying about her. At least she wont wander for a few days.