Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Today I spent half an hour dressed like a twit, acting like a numpty, having my picture taken for a fundraising calendar, (yes I know Sharon) I have liberated a copy of one to put up here!
I was Professor Umbridge, in pink! of course, Mari Matthews was fab as Minerva mcgonagall behind me, Carole Darmady as Trelawney was scary! poor Daniel could see nothing as Dumbeldore with all that hair, Anne was a fine Mrs Weasley, and Jonny as Hagrid was a tour De force! the 'youngsters' were Siony as Ginny, Norma as Hermione and of course our own Management bod as Harry Potter.
Very silly and much fun was had by all!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

wind and rain

What an odd few weeks, and an odder couple of days, I must do more cpd23, but the end in sight has had me procrastinating, I don't want to end it.
Work has been hard and full of quandary's, I hope I dealt with them all okay, only time will tell.
Today Tom's aunt was buried, and sadly my uncle died, double whammy. Both old and in very poor health, Kathleen didn't know who was who at a family get together 7 years ago and had got worse. While Peter had suffered a series of strokes leaving less and less of him there.
I am getting through my secret Santa knit and have a promotion possible, so like the weather wind and rain but potential clear skies to come.
Mind you we do have a bit of snow due Sunday :-) may have to look out the sledge again...