Monday, 7 June 2010

Poetry and fun

I spent saturday at a creative writing course and have decided to use my blog as a space to put up my work, like shouting about it in the middle of no-where so I have shouted but no one hears ...

Summer rainbows at Castlehill

Clover coated, grass seed high
poppy red mixed in the harlquin greens.
bright sunshine coated carmine
paperthin curves and crinkles.
campion pink spiles over thick and thin
swaying and dancing to nature's music
of birdsong, insects, soft breezes.
buttercup yellow hovering over slate
and tiny points of forget-me-not blue.
twisting buzzing tweeting life, over beds of colour
accompanied by high thin white cloud.

I shall put its counter point up tomorrow.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow and more Snow

Home and safe and very glad of it, we had a rough drive to Devon and a cold slow drive home, but if we had left it one day linger each way we couldn't have gone.
We also have kittens, three arrived but one didn't survive the first full night, so we have two cute furry and squeaky balls of fluff, one ginger who is a robust and first born (23rd Dec) he is a loud and noisy one, and one smaller dark tortoise shell tabby colour with a sweet ginger face, very like her mum, she arrived on 24Th with her smaller sister, by C-section at the vets. both are now the same bulk and while very different are both fun as they now have open eyes (just) and a wanderlust even when their legs are too short.
I shall get pictures soon, as normal my camera needs batteries when I need it!
Happy New Year.