Thursday, 3 December 2009

monkey is finished

I have finished the first monkey very late last night, then had to take the mouth off as she hated it.
I have to buy some embroidery thread to do mouths after work so shall photo and upload it tonight, her name is Sally and she is very cute, I have her at work as every one wanted to see her finished, and on the way home last night I was 'forced' to buy more socks of the boy variety to make my boys a monkey each now!
Am finally feeling okay and just have bruised arms left from Monday's Jabs, also need to be well as tonight is my art class and I have a picture to finish and new one to start, I think I shall do the boat in the swell for Tom for Xmas, should have time in three classes left and if not then he shall get it in the new year.
The class currently in are researching Jurassic park and has a few louder children in it who keep calling (shouting) to each other the casts names etc which is very distracting, hopefully they wont be here long but they are booked until after 12!
Back to my next monkey that I machined in 20 minutes this morning and means I should get most of him done today!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

wordle again

New wordle fun, eco schools this afternoon!

Monkeys and boats

I have brought in my camera and taken pictures of the boats in my library, I think they look good up there but the wall is between 10 foot and 12 foot high!

I have more pics but the uploader dosent want to play today!
I am still making my monkey though he has arms and tail now, and part done face! but still to make ears and havent brought any buttons to work!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Monkey Madness

My day has been spent so far stealing minutes to make a monkey, I have a finished body and tail and am half way through the first arm, he grows slowly and once I have one done my daughter wants more made for her friends! the boys mean while want to choose their socks to make a monkey from carefully.
another fab thing is which Anne has asked me to check for access and I love it here is my first try, and I cant wait for more time to do more may be a monkey one next!!!!
feeling a bit flat as I got both flu jabs last night and keep losing focus, arms feel dead and head is stuff with manky old cotton wool... monkey helps and that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Monday, 30 November 2009

25 Sleeps to Christmas

I am so behind all my pre Christmas jobs this year, I usually have my cards posted and most of my pressies got, but this year I am behind, I have all my cards to write and few pressies sorted yet. I hoped to get time this weekend and instead ended up cooking and going out for Saturday and sleeping in and having a fab long bath on Sunday, I he pick up after Tom being away and he so needed the peace too, but now I am behind and tonight I am due to get my swine Flu jab! woo hoo not! so I may be even more behind by tomorrow!
Saturday was fab more info from landgirl and I bought some cheap socks and have them ready to make a monkey, even went and saw the shop ones on my way home, way to go Jill.
Monday is cold and worse the heating at work is patchy and one whole building is unheated as of 8.50am much to every one who is in it very unhappy. I am okay and the library is 20 c at the moment, but I feel under dressed as the office have lost their extra heaters and have put back on coats, the new block has every one in coats and woollies, the kids are walking between buildings and are wrapped up warm. while I am in a thin top, and okay while in my library but it isn't warm!
Spent part of yesterday watching the snow fall and not settle out of my front room window, best sort of snow.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Not a suprize but annoying

I chased up a contact for work about a book fair I give every year around the first full week in December, imagine my shock when they said no fair! It costs the organisers £300 plus to run fair and need the school to promise to return £400 in sales! well I have done over that occasionally but mainly in the £300 range, and so I don't qualify for a fair unless I 'promise to sell £400 or more' and I could make it up in sales from me! but finances are currently running very dry (oops over spend already this year) and my return from running it is usually free books, I would need to buy the books to make up the difference and then find even more to make my free ones! but they really didn't want to send my one, well how sad, less work for me, less hassle and no sorting all the funds out and being in two places at once! If they don't want my work I am happy with the time. must get my cards written, may even use my craft Saturday for that, it is for finishing things after all! and my cards need finishing.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


I have just discovered I can update from work! At last I should get a chance to do more here. The headie of English is setting her whole higher class up on the system as a multimedia exercise and a way to keep interaction as free as possible. (or I think so?) I did some checking and found not only could I make a blog I could get on my own blog! I planned this to be a refection of work and home for me so I shall now be able to add more work sides.
I am currently helping sort email problems and vaults, which has gone to the help desk to get the right buttons installed on every ones machine (mine got done by a very nice young man whole helped me the first time) am also having to marshall my thoughts and sort out my chartership documents as I have been asked to mentor someone else through theirs, which I am thrilled to do but terrified as well! the termly meetings have been going well and we are getting alot sorted each meeting, must check I have done all my jobs for this, but I think so.
Also have just joined the ecoschools committee as the green ambassador for wick high which is even odder, but I must turn off monitors and light s and be responsible before I can ask that of any one else!
Daughter is off school today with bad cough, she has been working up to it for days!, mind you she wanted to day off to be with her dad who dosent work tuesdays, guess what, he had to work today and so she is home alone, poor soul!
Must go and see how my kids are doing this lunch time and hope to do more tomorrow.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Wind and Rain

We seem to be suffering from late equinoctural storms, and an Indian summer if the TV is to be believed, this time last year we had snow covering all of Britain, this week its rain!
I spent a lovely time at a friends in what turned into an impromptu knitting session with crochet flowers and a discussion of pricing and value in our own goods. More will follow when I have my work sorted out.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Mid Week Blues

I haven't blogged for nearly 2 weeks as my life has been hectic, I am trying to get lots of things running at once and now I am full of flu, unfortunately it doesn't seem to be swine flu so I shall just curl up in my library and keep it ticking. I am sure I got it from school and now I feel like warmed up left overs.
I shall do more this weekend as I have pictures from summer and work stuff buzzing, but now all I want is a bath and bed.
Good night all.

Friday, 7 August 2009


We got in at 4.30am and I have spent hours unpacking and sorting, and am now sorting out bills and appointments, I have 3 on monday, 2 on tuesday, one wednesday, and one on friday, so far!
I shall blog more tonight or tomorrow when I am back and mellow.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The lull in the storm

Oh woo, what a week. We had so much fun and did so much, I didn't get to the Internet once. We saw 'all the things' as my youngest says. I got home late Sunday night and spent Monday at work and washing (though more has just arrived even when I asked for it all yesterday!) and didn't even get up to day until after 12.30pm! which was very very nice. Here is a picture of us in the Stromness marina, with our boat Moonhammer, and herself on the boom, her favourite place as she can see everything and be above us all.
We were very lucky with the weather and only saw a few wet days and then only for half a day of rain.
Tom's cousin joined us with his family and caravan and we had a big family time too.
I did write while away but not much and most in a book!
More later as I should get access to Internet from Devon more regularly.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Holidays Are Coming

My last post before getting away from it all! or not :-) I had to book tickets last night and found all Saturdays sailings were booked so we have tickets for Friday evening and so this may be my last from home until the 20th July, and then until the 9th of august, I hope to get pics uploaded and a note of what we have been up to and other information.
I hope to load up more from libraries and Internet cafes as I travel.
Happy summer and back soon.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Work and Play?

I have been working all week, I have been in to work early most days and late with one exception, when I took work home to finish. but that hasn't been my mine focus. my story is growing, tonight it is at 15,300+ words and I am into my second week of writing, I have only have one day of less than 2k words, and while it isn't going where I thought it would, I am enjoying it heaps. it has been a challenge as I cant go back and edit anything as per my agreement to write, and I keep running out of supporting stuff and have a whopping great history book next to my computer which is so large it gets peoples knees if the get too close :-D
I am also knitting but plan to do more next week on my hols, and I booked my tickets tonight, wheeeee, I feel giddy, mind you I did find I had to go over Friday night as Saturday was all booked up! all those peeps in Orkney, may be a bit crowded, but fun I hope.
I am off to bed to read now as I am avoiding Torchwood, which seems to be trying to freak me this time round which is a pity as I adore John Barrowman.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Busy doing nothing

I have spent my weekend busy doing nothing, first hubby ended up going to Orkney and I had the kids etc all alone, then I had to get back up to speed as I had a day with few words earlier in the week, I am now at 9,300 words! I spent chunks of yesterday and today in the garden and have some great pics to prove it :-D this is from the back door looking over at the pool and trampoline. I caught the sun today and have a pink arm and shoulder, and my daughter is a also pink which is rare for her, but she sat in full sun for over an hour 'drying' after being in the pool. I got all my laundry done, cleaned and tidied and even did bins and dug up potatoes (my own grown in pots in the garden, they didn't last long as we cooked them and had them for an afternoon snack) Daughter has just used the 'bad cat' spray of water on her legs as they feel too hot. I shall leave with my picture of the evening sun in my garden, and my cat being a plant.
Nope no cats here just us plants.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Sunshine and warmth

I shall be blogging during July but time will be put to my story, and I will be showing it eventually but not until it is well edited so may be September then
I have just been taking pics of my mad cat and thought I would share one with you, and try uploading pics to this too
She is abusing the children tent in the back garden, but she doesnt get to go away with us. She would like to though.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Full Day

What a full day.
Spent with friends old and new, doing things I enjoy and needed to do, having fun and being free from constraints. I Can only say the best sort of days are only lightly planned, mix with friends, add good food and sunshine, shake and step back.
I woke late and arrived late to the UFO day (for unfinished objects) but it wasn't a big deal. I cut some decoupage, folded some cards and checked how many I had for a class I am running on Wednesday. I then painted a silk scarf bright yellow, and made a load of other cards with stamps on and ready to decorate. When dry I added red to the scarf and I have an amazing two tone effect I shall photo and put up somewhere. I chatted to Friends and had great ideas cross pollination sessions. after lunch I finally got to my knitting which was a teddy's jumper and some more of the entrelac hat which has become a bit of a bete noir but which I am looking forward to doing while on holiday as that was what I did it for.
After arriving home we discovered some visitors? long term squatters? crunchy treats? We have a swarm of bees making home in the roof spaces of the front windows by the bath! We have some bee keepers coming tomorrow during the day to see what can be done for them or may be how to get rid of them, we cant keep them. The crunchy treats comments was from the cat, she enjoyed running up and down the ladder and eating the ones she could catch, (if we could get her in the roof space and thought she wouldn't potentially get hurt! well she could have them...) so my busy day has only just calmed down after 9pm at night.
My mother rang yesterday, and told me the saga of her hand, she went to the hospital eventually yesterday and they found she has a broken thumb, broken wrist bone and fractures in her fingers! so is now in plaster and may be for a while. I am glad she has got it seen to but I do wish she hadn't waited nearly 2 weeks, and spent the days in between knitting and doing her normal stuff with a broken hand!
My brother who helps her (even if he has no more chance of getting her do to something she doesn't want to do is as high as mine) is away at a family wedding do in Poland with his wife's family. I have offered to go down but she seems more sorted now, I spent part of today talking to a dear lady the same age as my mum, who has her life sorted by her children, and wishes she had more Independence. It helped me understand that it is my mums call, she wants me I shall go, otherwise it is her choice, we are going down in 3 weeks.
I found this in a book and had to share it with a Friend, I shall type it here and share to those who read:-
Extracurricular forays into exuberant imperfection
lowering your unrealistically high standards for your writing can be achieved more easily if you practice it in other life domains as well. In the coming weeks, loosen your control over your life. Sing off-key in public. Tell jokes, even if you can't exactly remember the punchlines. Stop proofreading the emails you send to friends. Try your hand at something you've long thought you might like but fear you'll be bad at. You'll probably feel uncomfortable and exposed at first, but you'll also find that the world is a lot more fun when you approach it with an exuberant imperfection.
from (No Plot, No Problem, by Chris Baty pg32 ISBN9780811845052)
I plan to spend my summer in exuberant imperfection :-D join me.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Jungles and Expeditions

I had delivered a third of a cheese plant today, it is vast and took two to move it, I was worried about getting the whole plant but the third is okay, I shall get pictures and post them here of my library, it is full of plants and more to come. I love plants and hope to spend part of my summer looking for creatures to put in them, the big one had a small poisonous arrow frog toy and a wooden parrot (Scottish as it a McCaw) attached. I hope to find a monkey as well as other creatures and maybe make the library look better despite the peeling paint and tatty curtains (I do plan to get some material and make new ones while away) but they are at least 12 foot high and 4 foot wide.

My free time today was spent with out my knitting! I bought a book called 'no plot, no problem' which is how to write a novel in a month by the NaNoWriMo guy. I plan to try to write over the month of July, it is a bit like going to a foreign country, I don't know if I shall get it done but the plan is 50K words in 31 days, I have some ideas for a book but shall start with a fanfic story I have been half shaping and just needed the push to write. If it is readable I shall post a link, if not or if unfinished you will never hear of it again...
Tonight was a staff meeting, but I couldn't stay and feel I missed things, most often it is of no relevance to me but every so often it is good to find out what is happening. Must ask tomorrow from my link manager.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Meeting of Minds

Today was a wonderful day of peaceful chat and knitting with a side order of crochet and children...
It was the monthly meeting of the stitch and bleather group, which we had a big discussion about the name towards the end as we would like to do things that would raise us money and to treat our selves to trips and workshops, may be us to go or even getting a workshop set up for us? we can but hope and see how things go. The venue was a church hall that was nice and cozy with out being small, we had our own foods and could just sit and chat as well as do, a trifle cool but not cold, we were on the north side of a big building which meant no sun on the windows. Nice place and well worth another visit.
Heard about which sounds interesting and potentially very good but I am not sure if I am a 'maker' in their sense. But I am in and registered, if any thing comes from it I shall be pleased.
Youngest son has GF over for the night (both 11, and friends since 7 or 8) but as I didn't know she was coming until she rang the door bell! Then daughter rang to ask if she could bring her little friend (called shadow as she doesn't speak much just follows her round) for the night only to find she couldn't as we already had one extra! Hope tonight visit goes better than last one, she stayed until 11pm then felt ill and we ran her home. Mind you Daughter was round at shadows and she came home while hubby was running other one home, saying she didn't feel well so didn't want to spend the night away! I didn't understand children when I was one and I understand less now.
My brother meanwhile is going/has gone to Poland for a wedding with all his wife's family, they should have fun but I am glad I don't have to go, he doesn't like travel, his father in law hates foreign food, his mum in law organises to the nth degree esp. when the grand kids are added, his sister in law has 3 kids and is divorced (also going to the wedding) and the whole party numbers 9 and only one speaks any Polish.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Sunshine and Showers

My Youngest set off with his class to an outdoor activities centre for the next few days, he didn't have all he was supposed to have packed, but I must learn to let him be responsible and any shortcomings must not be avoided. Being the 'baby' he never has to do or take responsibility for any thing, either myself, his dad or his older siblings do it for him. He didn't pack unless I read the list form school, which he only brought home after threatening he couldn't go unless I had the paper work. He didn't plan to take socks, or toothbrush! He was prepared to put his money in his trouser pocket loose, which he loses money from often! He packed first in a carrier bag! And despite all this and how annoying he gets, I am missing him already.
I organised my meeting and no one turned up, 'Sorry I forgot.' so I shall organise it again and send notes to them first! Also had to order top ups for English for the usual ASAP, at least we should get them asap.
My cat is mad, she is jumping round the house like she is on cat nip which doesn't do my frazzled nerves without my baby. She ran into a box and bounced! then she ran up my curtains, again. I treated kids to the cinema last night for night at the museum 2, which they are still raving about, next week is transformers which both boys love with out any encouragement! So my week is already laid out and soon school shall end for the summer.

Monday, 15 June 2009

End of Term approaches

Summer is here and the end of term approaches, I have my end of term jobs lined up and doing some, I have my holidays planned and part organised, I am looking forward to Chulmleigh Fayre and its flower show, and west country beaches in the sun. I want to wander round Orkney's historic sites, see seals and birds while sailing, and sleep in on week days! but first we must get through the 2 and a half weeks of school and then a week of work in holiday time getting my firsties in the system! We need a big wall planner just for the next 2 months of life...
Mind you Sunday was the first summer fete thing I went to of the year and it was the Caithness vintage car rally at John o Groats all afternoon, we had fun and spent ages looking for the renewables display that was supposed to be there (we didn't find it) and ate hot food and saw bikes, cars and displays, as well as many friends I haven't seen in years! Then due to Caithness summer, it rained heavier and heavier and we all ran for the car and some shelter (no coats for some of us) and spent hours getting home via the Tea Cosy in Mey, Skarfskerry, Brough, and Greenland.

Saturday, 13 June 2009


Between yesterdays inset day and today's finishing day I am done in and feeling powerless...
but first a note from page a day knitting calender, SABLE (acronym): Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy, which is managing to acquire more yarn than you can possibly use up in your lifetime.I don’t think of it as a problem so much as a goal. I so agree, I have several jobs planned for this summer but I was so fired up over one project I started it already, nought the wool last week and spent evenings this week crocheting squares, Friday which I shall go into more later was spent joining the squares and then making a lining, which needed buttons to attach to squares, but had wrong sized buttons. Left job to finish today after buying new buttons, got right ones and spent today adding buttons and very carefully sewing round top to keep both together, leaving a gap for handles, which I still have to make. I bought wooden curtain rings and some thick cord which I must whip or bind on to the rings before fixing the rings into the bag top. But I am too tired to start doing that tonight.
Yesterday was not fun, woke late but was only one who had to get up, inset means no school for kids and supply staff (grrrr).
Had to go in for meeting, while going to meeting I dropped my keys down the loo and had to fish them out (clean but wet!).
Waited through 40 minute meeting for 10 Min's of info for me, but interesting to hear what teachers need to do, then after getting work to bring home got stuck in traffic coming home and took 50 minutes for a 20min drive.
Spent nice quiet day (not) with kids in and out and at lunchtime I saw a tree falling in the forest opposite, it had been brought down, but had also brought down the power cables for half the square, not me thankfully. But this was remedied by the power guys who took out all the power to fix the lines, and put up a new poll (which we had to wait on its arrival) all in all we lost power in the house at 1pm and got it back just after 5.30pm (as our Indian take out arrived) and I had to reset all the powered clocks.
Rang Mother to find she had had a fall and was all black and blue and not great, which isn't fun to hear when she is in her late 70's and I am 800 miles away! I wish I could be closer when this happens. Powerless.
Didn't get to bed until very late and was out very early as had someone coming by today and didn't know time! by the time the kids woke we had shopped, bought buttons and come home. So now it feels like a Sunday.
Tomorrow should be very restful, I hope.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

buzy doing nothing

What a strange day, of lots of work with nothing done. I watered my many and increasing plants which took over half an hour just to go round and pour in water, but still felt I got nothing done. I generated some lovely posters and finished pieces of work for a reading game I ran earlier in the week, I organised and replaced all the prospectuses for the year and put the old ones out to recycling. I sorted new books and got most ready to put out on Monday after my council meeting. I even managed to tell all my council bods so all should know about said meeting. Ran another reading game to its conclusion and stored the information needed to make more posters. Went into town after work and saw several people I hadn't seen in ages. Organised my art for tonight and my last class. But still I feel I haven't done anything today?
I think it must just be the wrong time of the school year, today was the last day of the old timetable, and the upper school had no work to do and the lower school were all trying to get things finished before changing teachers! The 4th year spent the day either in sports day or wandering from class to class. The fifth year were much reduced and of 2 classes on the balcony only 2 pupils arrived, and the 6th year wandered round making tearful farewells and trying to explain why they still have their book from 4/5th year out.
So I shall shelve my odd day and go to my last class with sadness and plans to return in autumn.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Flying with Angels and Demons

Oh woo hoo, I have just got back from watching The new movie Angels and Demons by Dan Brown and I loved it, an amazing roller coaster ride, I didn't notice the time pass or the surroundings, just woo hoo what a fab ride.
Well thats my promo of the week :-D
Work is ticking over with the usual shoehorn time for classes and new timetables, which don't start until next week so the 4th and 5th years are in all week and have nothing to as they have taken exams, and many are not in the subjects again or leaving if they get grades etc which makes for an odd disjointed week and another 3 to follow with a new timetable in place if it works.
My new council meets monday lunchtime for their first meeting and get their hands on a bit of budget to spend, if I have any! and many be get other things going too. Also ran a reading game tailored to project and staff members work which went very very well.
Tomorrow I hope to get the last council members to tell them too.
Mind you I wont be letting the main character from the movie in my Library after what he did to the Vatican Archive!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sleep deprivation

I wrote too soon last night, I was going to bed very late while listening for the girls, and gave up at 1am! Only to have my daughter pop in to say one of them had been sick all over the bedding and was going home (only lived round corner) which is a measure of the sweets, popcorn, chips and pasta that they decided to eat last night. After finding enough bedding to allow the two still here to sleep inside, I finally got to bed.
Sadly I woke at my usual 7am, and while I did turn over and sleep again I was up by 9am and am now still tired...
Today was the mellow I wanted yesterday, so at least I didn't have too much today.
Sleep well, I hope to.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Different Plans

Today had a plan which was mellow and relaxed and had lots of rest and little work planned, yeh didn't happen.
The long lie in just didn't happen and I was up by 10 am dressed and ready to wander into town as a brief excursion with a planned trip round some fun crafty shps and then back home to play, no wool and no hassle. By 11.30 we had plans for us all to go into town stop at one of two places for me and then onto Scrabster for The mission fayre and then on to Reay to collect daughter friend who is now sleeping in the tree house!
we got home at 3ish and then I spent a while sorting timeings as I promised a trip to the cinema which grew in size, but sadly I had forgotten in my earlier plans! So by 5.30pm I was doing one of 3 trips to drop or collect various children at the Allstar cinema and Hannah Montana and then Star Trek have been discussed and regaled me all evening.
My youngest came back from his girlfriend's and after a bit of chat he said how tired he was and went to bed early! He can go there again.
I ended up with Wool for a new project I was planning for summer, some material and notions for a dress my daughter wants and we shall take to grannys to make under her guidance, so when I lose my temper she can step in and help her finish it.
So many changed plans but over all a good day, and a mellow night hopefully if the tree house sleepers allow.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Sunshine and showers

Today was one of sunshine and showers, we had our walk and they all walked too fast and had moments of stupidity, but didnt go too far and did walk with good spirits. One group of girls tried both my patience and my straight face... and made my walk much shorter and more fun.
We got slightly rained on, and while it didn't damped their spirits it did quiet them down.
In the afternoon I had to clarify thing brought up at a meeting yesterday and I have been invited to mondays meeting, which should be interesting, and which the basic ethos of the library is being challenged. humm
Husband had to get daughter during day as she was unwell, and she spent the evening on the sofa and then early to bed, she so wants to have her friend over tomorrow but only if she okay.
We had tea from the Indian, which is fab, and the kids in had chips, which just shows they have no taste.
Rang an old friend and had a chat and a laugh, and a cry. So all in all today has been sunshine and showers and both have good and bad points. :-)
Well back to my Entrelac hat.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Mad cats and paint

My oldest son is winding the cat into a pre-bed-time frenzy, she has big black eyes and her head is moving back and forwards, side to side like a snake, and his hand will soon be ribbons.
I spent a couple of hours this evening painting a pair of kittens in my art class, after I finished a wave which got more abstract as I tweaked! I do realist not abstract but oddly it works.
I am girding my loins, so too speak, as tomorrow is sponsored walk day, a whole 3 miles if you squint! and a quiz thrown in to slow them down enough that it won't take under an hour :-D well as I am walking it will be a bit longer... I am also taking a walking stick to help when my foot is sore, and maybe to encourage slow chatty walkers...
I have just gained a lap full of semi wild cat who wants cuddles and play and isn't above climbing my curtains if I don't play. hopefully she will calm down soon! if not I shall put her out the back door and she can work her way round to the front and her cat flap, past several strays, and at least 2 other house cats territory which should bring her down.
So my end of day has been cats, real and painted, while tomorrow involves snakes, as my walking stick is 5' long snake headed hand carved, treat to myself. And snakes of children, all two by two as they walk (yeh right, sure they will) in neat lines!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Wednesday Work

Work wasnt fun with a printer fallen over, which I still haven't had a chance to sort out, and a kindly word from the 'techy' that my folder wasn't meg's but was well into gig's! spent an hour moving and deleteing, saving and sorting until the big items I have to keep are now in the coursework folder which I can keep general and open to all and the rest of the large items saved to a disc or pen and deleted! which was very good as a clear out and I shall have to back up before summer.
While dropping some stuff off to biology I bumped into George who is due to retire this summer and he was wanting homes for his wonderful and massive plants, soem are so big it will need 3 or 4 kids to move them form their current home. I cant wait until they arive in my library, I already wonder where I shall put them but I will house them, as I love plants and these are amazing specimens, some are new for me, other like old friends. I shall put up pics when they arrive.
I tried to organise a craft afternoon for any kids interested but no one at all put forwards tehir names, leaving me to cancel the main itea but I shall take my already sorted plans to the pupil support base, and enjoy an afternoon with them doing decoupage, and 3D card making.
Now I just have to hope those who were interested in the Library Council will still come to the meeting next week, mind you must put note in day sheet first.

new venue

Hi, I have had blogs before but they have been limited and only for one group or another, so this is me, and hopefuly better kept, :-D.
welcome, those who know me and those who are just meeting me.
I hope to post a bit about my life, hobbies, likes, and dislikes as well as covering my work and professional interests.
oh and my mad cat!