Saturday, 25 June 2011

Calm in The Eye of The Storm

This week has been very busy, when I am normally getting quieter I am not, I had all day booked on Friday, and Monday is busy and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday, thankfully Friday is not but I have so much to do yet ... I will be glad of the first week in to clear my decks!

Thursday is also the 'bit of a do' for the leaving members of staff! it will be sad to lose them, I don't know all of them as well as I should. I am looking forward to the bun fight though, esp as some previous escapees will be back and the chat will be good :-)

Kitten are growing fast and mum isn't keeping up but then they are now old enough to be weened! and she is getting very fed up with them everywhere. we have had to booby trap the cat flap to stop them getting out! little cute cuddly monsters!!!!

Finally got a letter formally offering me my job! which I must reply too, and I also have to make sure school knows my IT needs and present situation! thank god for web based email...

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

sleep well

Well after nearly 18 months of it may change to well it shouldn't affect you to you should be okay to you will be deleted and have to reapply, to the interview date is... Yesterday I got my Job (back?) am from the middle of august will be the Network Librarian for Wick ILC based in Wick High School, what that will mean in the day to day working I don't know! but they don't either so we shall have to see come the Autumn. I do know not all posts had applicants and a few decided this was the push they needed to change their jobs, I wish all well what ever they chose or have got, but now finally I can sleep well. There will be other challenges to come when the job starts and more than a few bumps to come but the chance I will no longer have a job through it has been eliminated.

On a lighter note Kittens have discovered the joy of tree climbing but haven't quite worked out branches thank goodness. They grow and learn so fast, I brought down a mirror which got avoided then stalked, until attacked then ignored. The big sister still goes nuts at mirrors as she didn't meet any as a kitten! I think its sweet she doesn't know herself but two more attacking any shiny surface would do my head in!

Final comment on my week is the new ALO has a name... High Life Highland (HLH) which just takes me back to a comedy programme from the 90's called The High Life which makes feel like we are camp trolly dollies! But this does mean from August I am working for the council not the school and from October I am working for a private company owned by the council which runs the culture, libraries and leisure for Highland.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Summer pours in

Well its nearly the summer and school finishes, with all the toing and froing this year I haven't noticed time passing so it feels like Easter still but Traylan finished school this last week and hes got some tough offers to uni and a much nicer one to college in Thurso, so i get to hold onto the apron strings a bit longer!!!

Work is odd all out of step and I have the 14th as my interview date, think of me then! I hope to know before if there is competition, but cant ask yet :-) next week, we shall see.

Internet has been on and off today and every time it crashed I went back to bed (never said I was mature!) so still in my PJ's and spent over and hour playing with the kittens in bed and later slept with momma cat while kittens raced round outside bedroom! They are currently crashed out on my bed while Splodge and I bask in sunshine through the front windows.

Midnight is the oldest and is the darker Kitten, while Smokey is a tabby with torty over tones, hence the odd ginger tabby leg and both have pristine white paws which are so cute even when hanging by claws from bare skin!