Sunday, 23 January 2011

Work and Rest

Odd day today with us all doing things, husband did garden and trees, daughter did fence painting and played with the bonfire hubby built, oldest son did wood work and sorting dishes and I cleaned kitchens and washing and laundry and paperwork, the cats ran around the garden as if they had never seen it before and climbed trees and walls and generally went nuts. while youngest sat in bedroom and watch DVDs so not a perfect house of work!

Now of course we have a cat fight to finish my night off...

I woke up this morning with a feeling I wanted my long hair, which I sat and worked out that I didn't want long hair again just the world more than 12 months ago when my hair was long and my world was more stable, my job secure and money not so tight... sadly you can only go forwards in time and while money will get sorted, my job cant be decided yet and work stress is just passing I am feeling nostalgic, but it isn't as good as it used to be ;-)

I was wondering if our economy is dead or alive and if by some trick of Schrodinger it isn't dead or alive until we look, like the cat... so if it is either or both can we pretend it is alive and move on please, and that way we don't have to know if we killed it with the banks and their past ideas and present bonuses when most have no job or will be losing it, How many Libraries can we save with the money currently being paid to bankers which should be going back to the public purse, has it been paid back? If I borrowed money or had to be bailed out, and then as soon as I had funds just treated myself for being there? I would expect someone to call me on it and punish me, esp if the money wasn't paid back yet... but then banks don't seem to count, may be I should start using my mattress to save, it would have similar bonuses and less chance someone could lose it for me...

ack an out of sorts day, not gloomy just reflective.

out walking last week on Scrabster beach at dusk and saw these waterfalls...
just burns on the beach but with the rain and melt water making them epic...

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Fruit Loops Rule or is that drool?

My daft cat is just too silly, last night she was so wound up she even bounced off her mum, who wasn't having any of it and slapped her down, usually she only bothers her mum when she wants a fight, but last night I don't think she even noticed her until the paws hit her face! she spun so fast at one point she bounced her face of a table leg and later ran head first into a stool! Her birth had been hard and her sister didn't survive, she has a kink in her tail which comes and goes when she is tired and she carries her tail off to one side. My favourite bit is when she gets cold or wet, or best the snow, she dashes into the garden and stops up to her belly in snow, and looks down in shock! bounces a about a bit trying to get out of the white stuff, then dashes in and sulks. best of all she can do this every 2 or 3 hours! as she has forgotten about the cold wet stuff by then :-).Her mum our first cat is still her own sweet self, and they now wear colours in different colours, blue for the baby who is over one now and red for mum who is nearly 3 as a warning, you loose fingers with her! she hasn't mellowed and tolerates her kitten, even now she may settle to clean or be cleaned and sleep for a while with her, but half the time it ends with a cat fight... I hate to think what is would have been like to introduce a cat to her rather than keep a kitten! mind you the only other surviving kitten who is a giant ginger tom went to live with his granny and uncle and aunt and comes round to sit in the garden sometimes.The picture is of the kittens last January very small and cute, the ginger on the outside and smudge the fruit loop inside... if it uploads... Found the problem and It makes me the fruit loop too :-D uploaded this to the wrong blog (Gromit) so will try again.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


The clouds have come in and the world is lit by electricity not sunshine, and I realised I didn't explain why the last post was so called, I am enjoying blogging but am not sure if I have turned over a new leaf, and will be doing this often or whether I am just playing with a new toy, which I shall grow fed up of. I hope the first is true but with my track record?

New Leaf or new toy

Well here I am blogging again, and what an odd day, spanner in works in the morning threw the whole day off kilter, lunch was drawn out and the box of new books had a damaged one in it. I am trying to find the glass half full, but may just give up and have a cloud day, you know those days that every silver lining has a great big cloud attached sort of day. Days like this I miss my Dad who always had a half empty glass 'but at least it wasn't broken', his idea was he could be pleasantly surprised when anything went right and not disappointed when it went wrong...
I did wonder if that was too simplistic view but today it seems very attractive. The hassles are only small and easily overcome but seem so much larger somehow, must get more sleep, and maybe a nice walk if the trip home isn't too dark :-) the day is just as cool and bright but oddly not half as appealing as the other day.
Mood affects so much!

Monday, 17 January 2011


I was chatting with Friends and someone suggested I get a light box to cheer me and contract the SAD, I am not sure I have this and that it would work for me and make me less flat in winter but today is one of those lovely winter days when the sky is almost completely clear and the prettiest blue, while the sun is bright and mellow, low but warming in the sun and the wind isn't too harsh in the shadow, a day I would love to be out walking or at the least in the sun, while I work away watching through distant windows over the town or squint as the low sun lines it self up on my machine! but I can't find it in me to complain, or grumble as the sun is welcome and in summer the light never drops that low to get in my library I should enjoy the sun while I can. It is now rising as I go to work and if not late I see it at home too, spring is coming the cold isn't lingering as long and even the last of the snow is melting, mind you poor loch Watten has great sheets of ice across it, never seen it freeze across until this winter and now it wont go...
I shall bask in my glow and enjoy, as rain isn't far away this time of year.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Stress and Sleep

What a week, I didnt wake until nearly midday today and I needed the rest, I had a fab stitch N blether yesterday but I got home and went to bed for hours, and still slept in today, must aim for early night if possible! Need to get my camera out but to fill the gap I shall upload the one I am useing as my desktop and hope you all like as much as me.
And tomorrow we start again another week but only 4 weeks to the long weekend which this year is a week off for kids and a 3 day week of inset for us staff!!!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New Year, New Goals

I have promised to blog more often and failed before so instead I am planning on checking the blogs more often and that should increase my time in the system and may get me blogging anyway...
current goals, short term, more sleep and more knitting done! keeping my desk clear of the worst of the paper work and eating a balanced diet.
medium term, paint and draw more and worry less about work and if I keep/get my job and what is to come on that front, get out more and exercise for fun!
long term, re validate my chartership, reorganise my mess at home and work to new systems that work and can be explained, balance my own darn cheque book with out help!
I know some of these I will not do or do despite myself, and others I will discard as 'can not be bothered' when the going is tough (thougher?) but I hope and if I return often enough I shall remember and do.
I have been inspired by my friends to be more out looking and out going, this is my year of building and moving forwards. If
Sharon can learn to dance I can at least find time to go on the odd walk!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

new age dawns

the new age dawns and this should be an attempt to link to the advanced higher classes blog... we live in hope, and shall link bakc if okay.