Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Passing Time

I had hoped I was improving on the blogging front but it seems I must not back slide.. well often.

I plan to do the Na no wri mo this year and am getting characters and ideas ready, I must do my research now and a bit at a time, so when I write I am not having to delve back and for to the books for times and dates, some of it will be historical, while the rest present day, and I hope to write about a vampire who hasn't got any angst and isn't in school and doesn't lust after blood/teens/understanding, sorry all too cliche, I know some of this is good because cliche is good but really, I am fed up with angst vampires!!!
Had a meeting for work which has helped the work situation, no definite but lots of possible and maybe which is as close as we get to yes your okay, these days.

Sadly kept going all week until I had meeting last Thursday then crashed and ill all weekend, and still poorly Monday and sat keeping track but little doing, and today still rough at edges... mind you good time to unpick my knitting that went wrong last week, lost all sense of happiness when I found mistake and tried to fix higher up! blah, so I am unpicking, nearly done then happy again, knitting doesn't define me but is my happiness measure...

Finally joined the twitter world as biblios shall put link in when I am doing it next and hope to link to here as well...

Must get on and sort, more unpicking yet and then some CFE work!

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