Monday, 2 July 2012

CPD thing #10 From An Ostrich

 An ostrich!See I have my head in the sand!

I have become comfortable and one thing I got form last year was that I had to challenge my comfort zone, before someone else did! I had to make myself move out into the world and do more, I learnt so much about myself (still learning) and what I wanted out of life.
I did look into a masters even though I am fully chartered, but felt the extra work for limited return was not needed yet. I was challenged by a friend to do my fellowship! Frankly that scared me! but I have thought about it and not yet but soon I will start looking into how I go about gaining my fellowship. I need more experience yet (at 43! in work for nearly 13 years! and yes I need more experience) Things I never even thought about before, I have been successful with one mentee so far but now have 3! I know this will challenge and stretch me, I am also slowly gaining my feet as a line manager and even applied for a senior post (in hope I may add but I did enjoy upping my game to get what I needed for the interview) it would have meant more money but more hassle, the lady who got it has been a great help to me, more than I fear I would have been to others so may be learning and applying those lessons are more what I need now.
My 'what next' has to be consolidation and then in a few years senior and fellowship aims. I am hoping to get a paper done for the Umbrella 13 (I did promise Biddy I would) and I want to organise a mash up for library type peeps in the highlands! May add the CPD23 lists when I get it sorted! Need a venue but most other plans in place and links to 'other' librarians already up and running.
So last year I had no idea, this one is a bit better but I think it somthing I will need to address at a regular point. Thank you for giving me the chance.

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