Tuesday, 28 August 2012

CPD Thing #14

And again on the heels of 13 comes 14!
Thing #14, Zotero / Mendeley / citeulike Tools for use.
I had problems with these as I don't have download on to my computer at work and try not to make too many changes between home and work so I can keep everything the same. Zotero is firefox based with some chrome and safari, all of which I don't use!
Mendeley also needs a download which I may yet try as I like the scribble on PDFs idea, I use a lot of PDFs to keep my files neat and to keep work organised esp at home so this would allow me to add and change ideas with out re-editing all the document.
Overall this was the thing I thought I would get least out if at this time :-) But after going through it I may yet have some use for it :-) just shows that by doing even the ones you think wont have any return for you, you get more out of this. Thank you CPD23!

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