Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Sitting in the eddies.

What a busy week, I have not stopped to turn round, I am late here and the speed with which we are heading to the holidays now feels palatable. I like counting mornings I have to get up so we have 8 more mornings to get up for school! as we finish half way through the last day and today is more than half done, full days left is 6! I know I have time to do some things after Umbrella, I know that these are productive days and I will get lots done in that time, but suddenly the time is short! Feel like those cartoons where the very street furniture told the characters they were late! Had a blast back to my past with a brief Ivor the Engine memory the other day and the noise of the engine is running round in my head whispering to much too do...

On the mention of Ivor, I love how the first job after getting the engine heated was to make the tea, very much part of life in the early 70's and very much outdated now sadly. By the time I get my first coffee of the day I have done half an hour of work online, emails sorted and programs started, the lights are on and the library ready for me to just open the door. Even this occasionally leaves me late for the morning meeting we hold in school. Been on a nostalgia kick recently, sadly I am too honest to really wallow in the past. Yes I know its not what it used to be! I think back on long hot summers, but also on long wet ones, I love the memory of the sweets but wouldn't thank you for most of them now! yuck e numbers galore. I loved being small, playing and not having the weight of the world on my shoulders, but I also remember the worry, about money, life in general, things that as a child I saw but only later realised meant so much. The past is what makes us but it isn't a place we should try to get back to.

The whole thing has been brought back by to me by the discussion about the name change for Cilip, why, how and who? I remember the change from Library Association and I didn't like it, I loved being part of the Library Association and some of my disaffection over time has been due to not feeling as if I was a Cilip person. This is the same bit of me that doesn't like change any way and doesn't want a hard life! (yeh don't we all, sadly your life begins at your comfort zones end as I was reminded the other day) But for all my love of library association I don't think it is relevant now! Our world is Information, transfer, supply, creation, filtering. But we are just one source of many now, we need to work out what we are in the modern society. Our name is a banner to wave, a tag or even a hashtag to our lives. We need to believe in it, to support it and to use it. I have no quick and easy answers, I know what ever is chosen will need me to find myself in it! I am now an active partner in my life, I will make that adaption. I remember being a pre-teen and life happened elsewhere, my sleepy little village had nothing to my young eyes and most of my older school fellows moved out/away and nothing happened, it was boring. Life did happen but you need to be part of it not a watcher. I am paddling in the eddies of the life that is rushing past me and I am ready to push into the flow and get washed where ever it takes me.

"River Under A Bridge" 

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I know it could be a calm ride or a bumpy one but until I go I will always fear it. The biggest fear is of the unknown, Changing our name is challenging and the whys and hows are still in discussion. Latest info from Cilip about the meeting is here. But we need to reassess who and what we are, we need to be relevant and current, or like our old stock we will be weeded!

I planned to also mention the new build as it is happening up here and the plans look so good but I shall talk more about them later, for now the link to them is here.

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