Monday, 13 January 2014


Somewhere over the last few weeks I read a blog that was part of the one word blog system, the person had picked Hope as their word for 2013 and she was looking back over her year and how she had found the word cropping up in books, on the TV and even in conversations, and how it had made her much more aware of how much hope she had in her life. I liked the idea, but I am good at positive and often need calming or reigning in from my fights of fancy instead of adding to them :-). I spent a good week thinking what I needed most in my life from myself and form the world around me, I am afraid I choose accountability, I need to make sure what I do is relevant, even if its fun! My work is in need of my applying this consistently, getting all aspects to be accountable, to make sure I am and others are accountable. Not a light a fluffy word, but one that I need now.

With this new focus in mind I am keeping track of my own work for my CPD, its  easy to say, yes that's CPD when I want to play at something but if I have to log it and account for it, somethings are just diversions :-), so more accountability and the new e-portfolio from the CILIP, this has helped me keep focused. I have heard various things about the new system, and I did have to work out how to a few times, the webcasts were good but a break down to follow so you can do and follow the info would be good. The basic layout is fine but the move to the portfolio side is clunky and if you forget you can't get back! spent half an hour finding my way back one evening because I had forgotten I had left the CILIP site! (face palm) but all in all I am enjoying it, my big issue now is how do I finish it, but I must work that out myself! the suggest 20 hour minimum is already in the high 60's and I haven't got to the one year on from my first item put in yet!.

I am trying to be more accountable in my own life. I like to blame ills on other things, I am over weight, this has been dropping slowly and steadily and to date I have lost nearly 7 stone (possibly more I do not tend to weight myself often) and the results are a whole new wardrobe, my old one that didn't fit and got put away! I must take some sort of control of this, my Dr has mentioned my lack of control over my own diet isn't good and that I need to address this. So with this in mind I have been looking for easy to cook and easy to make, quick but lower in fat etc foods stuffs, I know I will not find 'The Answer' as it doesn't exist, but anything that catches my eye and looks fun (and is accountable in my lower fat etc diet) gets saved and then tried, this week we had some home made Doner Kebabs which were lovely, all my family gave it the thumbs up  (though did ask for more which I did not make) and the increase in fruit and water instead of lemonade should help move the awareness of what I am eating to the fore.

As always I am on the look out for new and exciting things to play with, and saw a great e-learning platform which allows you to log in and do various units of the intro to computer use, from what is a mouse and how to use a laptop with no mouse attached! on wards, I will add this link later but I am in the wrong place to check the link! Again a lot of my 'play time' has been corralled into what is accountable and what is play! I still play but I do less at work even of work related things, my Time is getting too short anyway and I must be more accountable for that.

In my spare time I have taken to doing things that add value to my day, I aim to write a letter once a week (yes by hand) and spend some time each week balancing my bank account! And go for walks in the local area.
I am back to making to do lists but am no using my new phone, technology is so much fun but I am making sure each app is accountable :-) more when I finally work out what on earth I am doing with my phone...

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