Friday, 4 July 2014

Summer Time

We are down to a few days to getting the building to ourselves... The promise of quiet has made the pupils extra noisy, the holidays close enough to smell has made even the staff demob happy. Folk who have been well behaved for years are kicking off now like they are first year again. My nice calm place has disappeared in the wind down to summer mess. Warning to anyone who encounters me this week, I will not take prisoners! In the time it has taken to get this finished the peace has arrived, even my cat is calmer.

Right with that out of the way, I finished my writing course and it was amazing, and I am still writing and I have great ideas, nothing big but then I am still learning and will be for probably the rest of my life! I took on a silly challenge, a friend was wanting to write a book so I said I would write with her as writing buddies! I think I scared her, she hasn't mentioned it since except to refer to 'that Idea I am not facing yet' so I shall have to go rattle her cage :-). Found  great resource which I hope to take away with me at Hamish MaDonald's Site About not only how to get writing but how to make the book and then how to sell it! well worth a look see, and I know his novels are good too, as well as the funniest blog style, which I adore.

The acting up post I was doing came to an end and the post got deleted, the rest at that level got restructured, which most folk seem to think I should be upset over but from my view its a relief, I wasn't getting lots of support and due to its temporary nature I couldn't change my working pattern so I was doing my normal work and that on top. This had gradually led to me struggling and getting bogged under. The changes also allowed them to delete a post and not have the rest reapply for the new posts! an idea I totally agree with, less hassle for all that way.

I was lucky enough to take part in a fundraiser with postcards of the sea, this was my painting done a few weeks back (yes I ran to the wire) and we had the opening night the other day, which was amazing but I forgot to take many shots and none of folk so I shall share the blog post from the website about how wonderful it was. And yes I am in there as is my son :-). Strangely my postcard isn't photographed in the group shots that whole board was missed.

I will be away for a couple of weeks and do not know how much time I will get online so I doubt I will be blogging for a few weeks until I get time, but I do have planned time to veg out and play later in the holidays too. I always have high hopes for the holidays and always come away a bit disappointed so this time I just plan to relax and see what comes, I want to go walking (bought some nice walks round Devon books) and I want to go for picnics on the moors and too the beach. My kids are already spreading their wings, I have already lost my daughter to other lives I shall enjoy the summer with my sons! Though the weather has changed so much you would think it was the holidays! oh hang on it is! :-).

We said farewell and good luck to two of our English staff and had a lovely meal out, I can highly recommend the French Restaurant in Wick 'Bord De L'eau' Which did us and them proud.

So I head into the nice summer peace I hope to get things done in. and Wish all who have breaks now happy times.

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