Monday, 12 January 2015

I Ate'nt Ded

I am using a quote from my favourite author from teen years, Terry Pratchett, my lovely husband refers to him as a triumph of style of substance, but my past is full of the latest book. One character in the books goes 'Borrowing' which means she borrows someone’s mind and uses them to check or do things while her body is at home in her bed with a sign on it saying 'I ate'nt Ded' which just about sums up my blog this last couple of months or more.

Work has been frantic as normal and my CPD world has also been frantic, but worst of all I have got out of the habit of Blogging! I am doing as much as ever, but home life has been tougher and work has been none stop and despite the improvement in the economy the effects of the recession are still biting and the fall out still coming. It has been a challenge to adapt and change to suit the environment and the new ideas coming are very very exciting, while some may be less so we are still going and libraries are still viable and not yet written off. 

I see my job as increasingly one of facilitator, of starting conversations or identifying what is needed rather than what is wanted. No longer gate keepers more filters and accesses, less a giver out of books and more help to identify a need. The approach of the universal credit that will be a big shake up of libraries no matter how folk say it won’t be. An increase in Wi-fi (even up here) means we are less a hardware support and more a social platform, and we have to adapt and change with this.

The new build for the school is going ahead at a great rate of knots, we are all signed off and ground broken and I have been enjoying the smell of the tarmacadam as they lay it. The general noise form the site is more than I expected but still less to me then the technical workshops. The local storms have caused some damage to school and more to one of the building sites but despite the very high winds I doubt it will set back much for long, the worst was the lack of power which ran from the early hours of Friday until the early hours of Monday for some. I got my power back mid-day Friday so only suffered a short while.

I will get back to blogging more and being more relevant once I am back in the swing of it again.
Happy New Year and Keep Safe. 

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  1. Whoa! What a whirlwind!!
    That's a Pratchett I haven't read yet (note to self: head to my favourite town library). ^_~
    Courage & good luck!