Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas Gifts

I hadn't planned on blogging again until we were into the new year but I have just found this online and found it so right and so well said I wanted to share it. This was shared from a friends feed but I have hunted backwards to the original as there are links from it to other talks and more info that are also interesting.

I think first I need to step back and explain why I find it a gift. In our current world my family tends to weigh up items and choose to buy or not buy as our world needs and over time we 'need' less things and can enjoy what have more. We have gradually retrained and come to not 'want' what we get offered on TV or in the shops. Our mantra has been 'its not a bargain unless we would have bought it anyway!' which has cut down on waste, surplus, clutter and bills. This Christmas I found a project I had been planning on for a bit and gave the various bits to my oldest and he has made them a parcel so I have a complete and new project for Christmas day! Cost nil, fun factor high, and guaranteed happies for me and for my son.

For the first year ever, we have reduced our bills every month, my own satisfaction in my own home is increasing and things are getting sorted, done and finished. What is important is family and a good life, not another string of lights, or extra parcels under the tree. Which is where I started this post, I saw this piece of a talk from Jane Goodall, (who it took me a few minutes to place) and she is very eloquent and logical.

I am sharing this as a gift, to help us think about our lives and the future. Her thoughts are not unique and her words are not alone but they resonate. Please listen, even if you disagree, disagree from knowledge. But above all think.

Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

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