Monday, 11 January 2016

Book challenge

At the local Book group on Saturday I was asked if I had taken the challenge? Bemused I asked for more information and they mentioned the Good Reads Challenge where you keep track of what you have read and what you want to read. The folk asking had both set 25 or more for their books to be read in a year, their argument being they read one per book group and that is 12 a year and then one extra per month and a holiday book or two so 25 should be doable.

My local book group has been so much fun, I was very cautious and nervous, what if every one was great and frequent readers and I do not get time? what if they are not great readers, and they feel I am talking too high or having to dumb down for it? what if there were too many or too few! Well yes there are 'great' readers who are much more articulate and literate than me, and yes some are much less of a reader than me and ask 'basic' questions and make me rethink what I assumed about things. The first meeting had more than 40 folk at it and we had to share books and keep in contact to get the titles passed round, one meeting was me and the guy who runs it! Sometimes I sit and listen and am amazed, other times I feel I don't stop chatting, but never have I not been welcome and we are getting to know each others interests and reading levels. 

I have set my challenge to 20 in 2016, I read some of the books and am reading the book award books at the moment too, I should get this done by mid summer but I have set it low to allow me to succeed, I am all about succeeding at the moment. I did see this fab Video from a lass I follow called Maeva about her new years challenges.
She has put some very big challenges out there but does finish by saying she knows she wont get all of them done but needs the aims in life :-).

I am currently reading Isabel Allende The sum of our days, which I hope by noting here will inspire me to do more than open the cover occasionally, and is my first challenge book for the new year. One of my other titles to challenge me is Visible Learning into Action by John Hattie, which is the current drive in education through my school, much harder to read cover to cover but should help me support teaching and learning better.

Currently we are suffering the rains that have been so heavy up and down the country, so far our county has been very lucky with the odd house in the area being flooded and the roads have been very very wet with rivers out of their banks.

The river out at Watten makes for scary watching, this clip is form a local Reporter based in the county who writes for the John O Groat Journal. Will Clark @NOSN_WClark worth following to get local stories up here.

Two posts in short succession, and no worry about frequency from me :-) May have some Pictures for next time as we are due Snow this week.

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