Monday, 8 February 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful Part one.

This week is already looking very busy and just a touch frantic, I am not sure how much sleep I will get or peace but I would rather have busy weeks than quiet ones. To celebrate that fact I am looking at the silver linings of life I am sharing things that make me smile or cheer my world up.
There will be future cheerful posts hence the part one :-) the reason this came to be was due to a blast from my past that I must have heard recently to make my memory bring the title up now.
This is part 3 which again presupposes that there are two former parts that exist, but I have not found them (haven't looked hard) but it makes me smile.

Went to a Careers fair at the weekend and was struck by just how many great companies we have up here and how lucky we are to have so many skills and potential available. It was organised by Skills Development Scotland to help local job seekers find work and local firms find new apprentices etc. The list of companies was over 40 with some being very very local and other having local offices here. I spent a while chatting with various folk and I must confess I gave out more cards than I took but I am increasing the opportunities for partnership working. I will re-visit this event with follow up information as it occurs.

Another reason to be cheerful is for us the weather is quite mild, I know the south is being battered and there have been photos of big waves along the south coast but for us the winds are much less and (shhh) the sun is shining. We are also more than half way through the Prelims and no one has run screaming from the building (pupils of staff) which is also a win. The Rugby was good and well worth a watch, with some great score lines that leave the results open. In a wave of Patriotism for my adopted country I have been listening to this all morning.

Beautiful music and fab scenery, well played and well done. win all round.

Despite Valentines day being just over the way I am more looking forward to Easter when I get to Milan, and more of this is getting sorted, we now have flights, hotels and train links :-) and plans... Meanwhile I have been drooling over jewelry, which as I tend to not wear any is a bit counter productive, but you look and see if this doesn't make you drool and plan. Alyssa Smith and Lark and Lily, both talented lasses and both doing well, lark and lily is even a local lass, oh but look how good their work is! Must get back to wearing things again, gave up when small hands would grab them but youngest is now 18! so no excuse!

On one of the blogs I follow I came across this about not Streaming and Driving and how he wants to make it a don't stream and drive day to raise awareness. I started to follow this blog years ago as an example of a personal but work type blog, of how to tread the fine line between professional and sounding off. I have come to have great respect for him and his blog and would highly recommend giving it a read or even a follow.

Not much Library things but lots to be cheerful for and with National libraries day at the weekend to raise  profile, long may it continue.

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