Friday, 10 February 2017


To travel hopefully, to hold hope, to look on things with hope.

I haven't blogged for a while, I spent much longer than I expected mourning my Mum. All the day to day stuff seemed unimportant and I found refocusing hard, the house took an age to finally sell, even when a buyer was in place. Finally the world has colour again and I have found Hope.

The winter is here for us in the north, the snow was falling a little while ago and we all had hope of a snow day (see more hope) but it isn't settling and I am seeing blue sky and thinning cloud. I did have to drive in through the snow to get to work but it was clear here at the coast and looks like staying that way for a while.

The blogging habit is well and truly dead at the moment so this is me trying again. I am a glass half full person, a silver lining person. I know I learn much more when everything goes wrong and I enjoy taking the best from things and moving on! Life is for living, for thriving and doing.

One thing I remember from my Mum is she never stopped, she worked all hours and then knitted or crocheted all hours, I know I need my down time but I also need to be doing in my down time, even if it is just knitting some socks. The knitting of socks has become a much more fun thing since I joined a sock knitting group called the Winwick mum sockalong. Now I have made many socks in the past but had lost my socking mojo along with many other non essential life skills in the last few years and this was a great way to rediscover my love of socks!

My world is currently being run to the tune of the moving of buildings and the changes to come but I wanted to find where I am now, before it becomes so changed. The added work load of being in two spaces can be very frustrating and I am looking forward to having the one base and the one desk. I will lose the gap which allows me to think and walk, but being present will help more than the thinking time.

the aerial I have at home is causing problems and the BBC channels are not very good, if I have to watch I use Iplayer but that isn't easy and means I do not share this as much with my family as we can all be watching different things and lose that shared feeling (mind you at nearly 20, 21, and nearly 24 they tend to do their own thing anyway) What I have been enjoying despite the faff involved is The Great Pottery Throw Down on BBC2 on Thursday night at 8pm. I will miss the BBC version of The Great British Bake off, but we shall see how it is on channel4. (See more silver lining and hope)

My last Hope for now is that I get back to Blogging and finding balance in life :-)


  1. Hey, there! *hugs*
    I'm delighted to see you back to blogging. Hope is definitely what we need these days!!
    Have fun knitting, & thanks for mentioning The Great Pottery Throw Down (I've been focussing on series recently, & I hadn't spotted that one...) - must catch up now. ^_~

  2. Returning to anything like "normal" life after you've lost a loved one takes time, and it takes as long as it takes. I hope that you find your balance too, and it's been lovely having you in the Sockalong groups xx