Saturday, 25 June 2011

Calm in The Eye of The Storm

This week has been very busy, when I am normally getting quieter I am not, I had all day booked on Friday, and Monday is busy and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday, thankfully Friday is not but I have so much to do yet ... I will be glad of the first week in to clear my decks!

Thursday is also the 'bit of a do' for the leaving members of staff! it will be sad to lose them, I don't know all of them as well as I should. I am looking forward to the bun fight though, esp as some previous escapees will be back and the chat will be good :-)

Kitten are growing fast and mum isn't keeping up but then they are now old enough to be weened! and she is getting very fed up with them everywhere. we have had to booby trap the cat flap to stop them getting out! little cute cuddly monsters!!!!

Finally got a letter formally offering me my job! which I must reply too, and I also have to make sure school knows my IT needs and present situation! thank god for web based email...

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