Wednesday, 15 June 2011

sleep well

Well after nearly 18 months of it may change to well it shouldn't affect you to you should be okay to you will be deleted and have to reapply, to the interview date is... Yesterday I got my Job (back?) am from the middle of august will be the Network Librarian for Wick ILC based in Wick High School, what that will mean in the day to day working I don't know! but they don't either so we shall have to see come the Autumn. I do know not all posts had applicants and a few decided this was the push they needed to change their jobs, I wish all well what ever they chose or have got, but now finally I can sleep well. There will be other challenges to come when the job starts and more than a few bumps to come but the chance I will no longer have a job through it has been eliminated.

On a lighter note Kittens have discovered the joy of tree climbing but haven't quite worked out branches thank goodness. They grow and learn so fast, I brought down a mirror which got avoided then stalked, until attacked then ignored. The big sister still goes nuts at mirrors as she didn't meet any as a kitten! I think its sweet she doesn't know herself but two more attacking any shiny surface would do my head in!

Final comment on my week is the new ALO has a name... High Life Highland (HLH) which just takes me back to a comedy programme from the 90's called The High Life which makes feel like we are camp trolly dollies! But this does mean from August I am working for the council not the school and from October I am working for a private company owned by the council which runs the culture, libraries and leisure for Highland.

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