Thursday, 28 July 2011

Brave New World

I heard about the 23 things for professional development through a link from a new friend and thought I would have a go, I know I am behind but I have a lot of the early things already, complete with blog and other interests. I have become gradually aware how comfy and settled my world, work, family has become and how much I moan about changes. This is not how it should be! I used to love change and liked a challenge, I always kept me up to date but recently it has been a few home things and very little work stuff. Last year when the idea that things may change came up I was startled and shocked, my little world wasn't safe how dare they! 'face palm' It should have been how lucky I had been, still am to an extent.

I have shaken my myself, found new things to excite me and shook some of my new friends by jumping up on soap boxes and ranting at the drop of a hat! I have spread my fresh gaze across big chunks of my world and found my wardrobe boring, my house cluttered, and my job staid! so I am upgrading, Friends are helping me shake out my dress sense (esp before the next potential promotion comes up) my lovely husband (when not doing my head in) is making inroads into the house sort out (no longer hindered my me) and I am all fired up and excited again about libraries, and so I thought to keep this I would try the 23 things.

Enough Grandstanding I have spent part of my morning joining the write path and the 23 things, checking other sources and feeding my excitement, sadly I must also go and sort the paperwork and other things sat in boxes awaiting my time but I sort them with renewed vigour and hope that I can at least touch this state again even if there are lapses back to comfy now and then :-D

I will write about the Cilip Conference, but I am still trying to get the ideas round my head :-) #UB11

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