Monday, 25 July 2011

Where to Start!

What a wonderful break, and where do I start...
My fortnight began in Inverness and a plane to Luton! I then had a selection of routes to Hatfield, for the campus and the Umbrella Conference. I had taken wool but no needles and found a shop in the centre of St Albyns, where i could get a bus and then get a connecting bus right to my stop. Wonderful and a bit of fun, I love bus travel I am like a meerkat, watching turning and staring on buses :-) and despite having no idea where I was going I got off in the right stop and walked to the shop. That is when my day lost a bit of gloss, :-( the shop had closed last month (not something goggle had told me) and there is no other knitting shop for miles. After a second or two of annoyance I thought laterally and went hunting charity shops. I found grove house which had a box of needles which all I had to do was sort through for the size I needed.
Stop successful I got my connection to Hatfield arrived safe and got my room and settled in.

The Conference was amazing, I have notes and will be putting up more as I get settled home over the week but all I can say for now about the conference is wow!!!!! I will be going again! 2 days felt like a few hours, the talk, the sessions, the exhibition, the catering, the gala, still reeling nearly 2 weeks later :-D.

Devon was good and I have pictures to share when they are uploaded, and while we came home early it wasn't due to Devon, or my mum who was well this summer, but more to so much happening in our lives we need to be here to sort out.

Traylan was left to look after the Kittens and cats alone and it was trail for him as much as us, and was not a success... ho hum, teenagers!

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