Tuesday, 25 October 2011


I don't want to finish the cpd23 and so am finding lots to do rather than it! This doesn't work and I really should just bite the bullet, but somehow I feel if I finish it, it is over somehow, and I don't want to do that! Life is like trying to ford a river in flood, pushed too and fro, hit by passing debris while trying to keep as much of me dry, each extra wet item gets rationalised, or ignored. The end in sight but seeming out of reach, and while some passing people help I still can't quite get across. I know this is just me being slightly swamped, and I know I can do all this and more and most I am enjoying. I am not as well I could be and I think it is dragging me down a bit. I am just in the right frame of mind to write really bad poetry... But all that reminds me of is a dear friend who is ill, and who I can't help, save or even make any more comfortable! His loss will be great and sadly not that far off.
I need my holidays but we have just come back form them, I think I shall collapse and not get out of bed for the weekend and that way I may be better for next week (when CAT testing takes over, maybe) Ho Hum, bell goes and back to work! I shall do more CPD23 this week and finish it by the end of next week I hope.

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