Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Things #17 and #19

I have just spent a morning making a prezi presentation which turned out to be harder than I first thought but ultimately easier than I feared, this was my first try and very bitty it looks now I am done but I didn't have a plan when I started it. HLH Libraries which was fun to make... So I can rate Thing #17 as a success, I will be making more and dragging it round to the teachers and other librarians as and when I can, I am so glad I did cpd23 and have been recommending it round when I can.
Thing #19 is more reflective, I haven't kept my diary as well as I had hoped but find myself doing the tasks even in my head most days and just adding them to paper if I have too much or if I start missing things, mostly I have sorted out my head with it and hope to keep reapplying it, I am not all efficent and organised but I am getting there. Some things I have tried and not found to my liking, I loved the idea of google documents but didn't find them good to use, the calendars managed to get others interested and now the ICT suites and the library in the school are all bookable through an online google calendar which means you can see the whole school provision at a glance (not my own work but I clami midwife rights) I am enjoying my CPD23 time and make a little bit most weeks for it, I don't always blog as sometimes it takes me a few days to get my head round an idea. It is harder to Blog when I don't see any use for a tool as I don't know if I should look closer or it just isn't for me!
I shall be catching up again this week but may not get blogged until the holidays next week when I should get more peace time.

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