Wednesday, 18 January 2012

new year, new energy

I have spent a good holidays with my mum and am now ready for the new year, I know its the 18th but I haven't got my head round being in 2012 yet.
I have a new school line manager, new challenges, new projects (with some old still going) and hopefully I am still moving forwards. I am finding new limits to my work remits but I know how to deal with that, spent a few days worrying and then passed a problem to the person who needed to make the choice and happier now.
I am reading 'And still I rise' by Doreen Lawrence, I realise that I am only 6 years older than Stephen and he died when I was carrying Traylan! hes been dead longer than he lived, and his family are still broken, but while this is sad, it also is a sign of strength and of change. Hope comes in odd forms and odd places...
I am also signed up to do book binding, basket making, jumper to jumper and writers groups on the new castlehill workshops for this year. so plans to get my own world more fun, as well as plans to get to see my people I manage more often. I have so many plans I need to keep a diary for my self (forget work) and am wondering if I took on too much again, but if I have I shall have to let some drop. I wont worry now about what may happen and if it happens I shall deal with it. I can only do so much :-) and I plan to have fun doing it.
Having so much fun on twitter @bibliosuk and like how it runs, I plan to post this up on it when I am done :-D.
I started a scarf today, I don't have the time and have other things on the go but I so wanted to do ti and so I did, I wont force myself to wait for no reason... It may stave off some of my more fanciful projects.
I will be picking up the end of CPD23 as not finishing because I shall miss it is just daft, but not this week, next week I shall try it ;-)

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