Thursday, 26 January 2012

Getting back to Blogging

Here I am again, I am not sure if it is a distraction activity or just feeling settled but I felt the need for more blog :-)

I bought a new hook and am back, I shall take pics of it finished when I get a chance!

Oh I did finish some nice ones at christmas,

I got some yarn from Ripplescrafts and made a hat from some ola yarn, and this is it done! The pattern is from woollywormhead :-)

I think it looks fab! was supposed to me my one ball christmas gift but I knitted too slowly and wanted to keep it!

I also made some slippers but havent photoed them yet!

I found on cafepress you can get things made for you so I ordered a travel mug with 'librarian the original search engine' It was such a success I then ordered a bag which is amazing, bad week for ordering as I also ordered a book of knitting angels to make for the next craft day in november, and an order for a Graze box! which is just being daft but I cant wait!

Off for my lunch and the rest of my day.

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