Monday, 13 February 2012

Making and doing

I spent a good few hours making a wonderful pinafore dress and this is the timeline!
The pattern ironed and laid out to cut!
My daughters desk underneath is a bit covered in Graffti, but she has the only clear space in the house!
The cloth waiting to be ironed! with dripping hearts painted on the wall behind!
My pattern being cut out with the requisite cup of coffee sat in the middle, on a non pattern bit if you look!
Pieces pinnned out to cut!
took hours to do each bit but I wanted it right!
Putting the pieces together, think this was the seam up the skirt parts, loved the colours even as I made it :-)
The finished dress, I shall put up a better pic when I get one of me in it, at the momnet I am waiting for a meeting I need to go to, to wear it special!

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  1. Lovely dress! I envy your sewing skills: me, I just knit, librarian (is that a verb?), read and bake: