Tuesday, 7 February 2012

New things for a New Year

Well I have been up to odd things and none of them yet mentioned much here, I have been following twitter and wanted to see how it was before commenting, and I can honestly say I love it! I miss it when I am off but that makes when I am on more relevant. I have seen things happen through twitter that doesn't appear in news for a hour or more which is odd, seeing breaking news you already knew! Also is allowing me to keep in contact with friends and make new ones :-) strange but fun. Also keeps me up to date for my fave yarn shop and I have been buying more :-( just shhhh don't tell Tom ;-)

Also have been drawn into the world of Bliphoto and set up my own account again over optimistic and this is only a few days old but I do hope to keep it up to date, it has been fun so far but I did upload too late one day and it turned up as the next days blip! shan't do that again, but must go for wander with camera at lunch and after work, just to see!

Also have been grazeing and what a fab idea, one day a week I get a lunch sent to me! it is easy and cheap and so far bar one late delivery hasn't been a big problem (famous last words! I hope not)BTW if you want your first or trial one free enter this code D9FVC1Z.

Also am trying pinterest, but as this hasn't yet sent me a log in details I shall have to report another day :-)

Thought I would share my latest library pic, taken through the mirror which allows me to see round corners and behind shelves!
You can see the shelves with no top shelf are sorted the others are to be done yet!

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  1. I discovered your blog through, "This is What a Librarian Looks Like." I'm a librarian from the US, Long Beach, California. What's really interesting is that I have a daughter who currently lives in Ullapool, Scotland, with her UK born husband. Me and my wife are planning a trip to UK (our first) on March 26th, flying into Edinburgh, where our daughter will meet us. Michael.Martin@lbpl.org