Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Personal Brand CPD23 Thing #3

I need to look at my personal brand again, I remember being shocked when I did this last time. I have an unusual name and the first page that came up was all about me. Some I was proud of some I had forgotten but a few I didn't know about and had to go and firefight some not so fun things. One of the drawbacks to being in school is Rate My Teacher .com which is driven by disgruntled pupils, I mean who goes on the site when they have had an okay or good class or term? while the ones who think that the whole thing was bad! They feature heavily with loads of negative comments on whoever they score with a few positive being the 'younger' and more savvy teachers encouraging it.
The first page also has a lost Twitter account, I don't know why it is higher than my current one (shrugs) I must get it and put the two together! I also have two Facebook accounts which I must also put together, the moral of this is I must remember the passwords better ;-). When I do the same search for images I find hat Google has mixed me in with Ryan Peat, who ever the poor lad is, and he now appears between me and my library pictures :-) but the first is still mainly me.
A few notes on my brand before I finish, I took a while to decide on what would be my brand, I decided that it would have to be me, the network librarian, the mum of 3 teens, the craft nut, The keeper of three cats. It would reflect all of me, so professional, but not fully, smart but hints of fun. I don't mind my managers knowing my thoughts as I wouldn't put up any thoughts that could be problems, so I shouldn't knee jerk post (well not often) I don't have a theme yet but that is ongoing. (Yes a year on and its still ongoing)
Due to being part of a new company we don't have business cards and can't get any made with the strictly controlled logo. I am hoping this changes and I can get some done otherwise I shall get some new ones done soon just for me hence the ongoing theme issues.


  1. I see you are on Pinterest! How the heck did you get an account. I have been trying for months. I know there must be something wrong but.... Can you invite me or something. I keep forgetting to follow up on Pinterest until I see it somewhere like on your blog. Can you make a suggestion or a recommendation. I really want to do it. To work on my personal brand as well. I am currently unemployed and as a youth librarian I need to be on as many social media type things as I can handle. Pinterest is right up my alley since I am also an artist. I am working on my personal brand so when potential employers look me up on line they like what they see.

  2. Hi Amy,
    Despite having a job I had to go through a reorganisation last year which left me more work with same hours and pay! but such is life ;-) I like the brand idea but I do so many things! I did find a picture in vista print I liked and could get but it was generic and not mine! Pininterest was just a send for an invite and wait! took months to get back to me, (in fact I forgot it was in until it came back!) so I think a wait is normal, but stick with it, I have had so much fun making ideas boards esp as I am waiting on the design of a new joint use library and while I doubt I will get lots of input I do want to have ideas for when they do ask me!
    Doing CPD23 has helped me upskill and keep ahead of the game :-) keep trying I would also recommend twitter and saw today a great slideshare about branding, was done for the new professionals day in london today! Ned had so much fun getting there, his baby daughter pulled the train emergency cord while he changed her nappy! :-) got to love twitter!