Monday, 21 May 2012

CPD23 Thing #5 Reflective Practice

When I did this last I got so much out of it, I started a diary which kept me on top of my world and contributed to a lot of my success last year, but as time passed I wrote in my book less and kept track of less, I still made lists but noted less of my thoughts and reflections. It is a practise, and to do it you must 'practice' it, I shall be revisiting this again this year and I hope to make myself a weekly reflective list and that way I don't have to keep it all up to date which proved the problem last time, and I still round up my work long and short term.
Reflecting on my current position I am much happier than I was, I now feel I am doing professional work at all levels and while I have 'quiet' days I am still adding to my over all success even by doing less sometimes to take a break, can allow my mind time to process and sort what I am doing.
I learnt so much doing all the different aspects of the CPD23 last year that I am redoing all of it to finish as I find my views and needs are changing. As a self driven tool CPD23 allows me to work at my own pace and to organise my own time. I have the notes form last year to look ahead and to plan, and I have the current drive to help support and prod me to keep going. I am more aware of myself and my place in the wider profession from it and now feel like I can contribute to debate and discussion despite being geographically far flung, and based in education and public sectors.
When I thought back over the last year I felt my most dynamic had been when doing the CPD23 so as I needed to finish it I would redo the whole event. this was my first reflective practise and from that I am revisiting so much, and reimplementing the reflective round up but as a once a week event :-).
To sum up, I got alot out of CPD23, and redoing it and will redo the best ideas form last time with a view to continueing.

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