Monday, 25 June 2012

CPD Thing #8 and Thing #9

This is why I was ahead, when school gets busy and I am not as well as I can be things get left to one side!
Thing #8 is google calendar, I did just this but found that I have too much in the air and far too much that isn't near a computer! I don't have an android phone and so cant access this all day every day which what I need, I do use the school one and from my research last year the school set up bookings for computer suites in google which was fab and is still in use! I bought a diary and while it can be annoying it makes life easier for now, I know what it can do for me and when I can access it any where I shall be back again :-).
Thing #9 is evernote I did look into this but didn't find it of use to me, I spend big chunks of my day in work or out at work and the work computers for their own safety do not allow any form of downloading, thus no chance to add ever note or other similar things to my main computer!, I try to keep home and work in the same settings to allow me to transfer work and experience but this isn't always easy!
Over all I like online tools but mainly ones I don't need to download extras for :-(.

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