Monday, 3 September 2012

CPD Thing #18

Thing #18 and only one week late!

Jing, screen capture and Podcasts.

This looks fun, sadly being at work means no downloads at this time, but I will do at home and update my post :-), I spent part of my previous incarnation working on an internet helpdesk. This sounds fun, but really wasn’t, honest it wasn’t fun. I hadn’t thought who would be ringing a helpdesk! I know how hard talking someone through tasks unseen can be, esp. if you don’t have a shared vocabulary. Some of the funniest memories were not funny at the time, but most were due to misunderstandings. My fave misunderstanding was that you could click internet and be running and didn’t need to connect through any one! or that it used your phone line (though you did learn to supress sighs when they came out with, 'it’s okay I have a second line' as it meant they kept you online listening to them dialling and connecting and then finding more questions to ask!) but funniest were the Saturday afternoon after lunch in the pub people who had been egged on by friends and bought a computer on the way home and now while drunk expected it to work instantly! Snigger.

I am gradually finding my life is becoming more about catching podcasts of things I previously just missed, and seeing things previously only available with long trips and time off. I did enjoy the Cilip hustings online, and went on to put in vote for who I liked. I find that I am not as remote when information is shared online and put where others can remote view at a time of their choosing.

I do want to make my library skills as a podcast but may run screaming from the result! I think I would be better taping my real library skills, but as I have sadly come to the end of them for the year it will be next year before I get started (sad I know) and should give me time to get it set up and agreed with management! We shall see.

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