Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday Afternoon

I was looking ahead at next weeks thing for CPD23 and rubbing my hands together in the expectation of a challenge when I find next week is catch up? What no new fiendish challenge, no hoop, no mind bending thoughts needed! It was a bit of a let down (slumps in seat) I have an hour of time to do what I look at as wider community things, some stuff on CPD or just touching base with my mentees, but I have done all that this week already! I am up to date with library skills and only have a couple of new accounts to make for the new first years! I have a list for Mondays meeting and even plans for my weekend. I feel half asleep and needed to be woken, rattled and generally made to dance on my toes!
Schools on a Friday afternoon take on an odd quality, didn't happen in work! didn't happen in college! but in school its like the bodies are all here but no ones home! English have double 3rd year all afternoon! and already I have seen a few who are 'wanting to change a book' for that read, 'don't want to work so will skive instead!'
The staff are also looking at the clock, only so many minutes until the end of the day. End of a strange week! Had the news of a Local Stalwarts Passing last weekend on monday, had a course on EBSM on Wednesday when the funeral was on so missed it. My thoughts have been with Edna all week, and her loss of David, who was her other half. Had various things crop up that I had to fix and get running on the spot so my week hasn't been neat and tidy! Am so proud of my CPD23 things though, hence my wanting to work ahead! This is such a day for exclmation marks, most of my emails have been peppard with them and smily's, very silly but my mind is not running without prods of funny today.
I am trying to find a dress style I like and can make easily and saw this dress and loved it! I make my pinefores and now I need to think about dresses! Also I am being asked to help yarn bomb again so we are making quietly and having fun :-) no more about that now as its still a secret, and we do want to make a suprize!
Must go and sort out for the weekend. and next week I am going to the horse and bamboos show at the lyth arts centre! Looks like its gogin to be amazing :-).

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