Monday, 10 December 2012

Time is not going slow enough

I am up against the time only a few days to Christmas and I haven't done all I need to do yet!
great plans went astray, work came first, kids next and my life somewhere down at last! as a reaction I have been typing up my poetry form earlier in the year and wallowing in it! I love writing my poetry and making say what I want it to :-).

I have also been having an exciting week last week;

We had a visit by Cathy MacPhail who was amazing, she took our fifth year and spoke for just shy of an hour to a quiet interested group who asked questions and went away talking about her work and ideas! Then she talked to our 2nd year who are a more restless bunch at the best of times but they sat in awe. She caught them and took them with her on her adventure  she led them to new ideas, and new places to see. Cathy was amazing, the 2nd years didn't all rush away, for lunch, but stayed to talk and ask more questions.
I was able to get her visit due to funding raised by the parent council and I can never thank them enough, she was wonderful.

My next day was spent in a meeting and getting my new car! we are back to a two car family again as my oldest needs more practice to pass his test. Never bought a car myself before and it was scary!

My craft plans for the Christmas gifts are late and my address book has gone missing! nothing much to worry me then! Ha I will cope, I have done every other year :-).

Back to getting sorted for Christmas and work and...

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