Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Sun Filled autumn afternoon

Just a poem about a sun filled afternoon! Written late October 2012.

Sun Filled afternoon

Gentle buzz of background noise, the warmth of the sun and the rustle of a few choosers picking
Getting caught up, then customer!
Following the thread, watching the latest CPD checking your…
Bright winter sun streaming in, low and warm inside, sharp and unforgiving outside.
Babble of voices hum of hoover, tick of metal shelves warming up, distant classes…
Can I help, what do you like to read, have your tired this? Have you seen that?
Distant doors, murmur of classes and the odd raised voice, teacher making a point.
Gentle tick of the clock, 20 minutes to day end, racing the sun to bed.
Sorting to get put away, piles of discarded books like chrysalises left behind.
Thick books, thin books, adventures and crimes, cook books and car books…
Passing footfall, chatting seniors, getting louder as the time counts down to bell.
Phones ring and get answered, staff work, and pupils listen, or do or chat or…
Bags rustle, food bags, clothes bags, homework bags, school bags, carried, discarded.
Things shared, things told, laughter, shock. Time passes and 15 minutes to day end.
Same again, choosing far too easy, no challenge, but a quick read, don’t expect to see you back again.
The ones who stand and think, who pours over the books like they hold the future.
The ones who giggles in shoulder to shoulder, take what they do if there are two copies.
The ‘But I don’t read Miss’s who need the ideas teasing out of them, what do you watch? Like?
My Favourite the ‘Oh I love this Miss’, ‘have you got the latest?’ ‘I’ll try it is you think it’s good’.
Plants happy soaking up the sun, and books looking like a strange stain glass display of stories.
Bong of bag hitting metal chair, bang of hand tapping desk, sound of impatient seniors waiting on the end of day.
Ten minutes left, voices tired and uncaring, classes changing tone, louder or silent.
Bringing to mind the jobs needed to wind up the library, the chores for tonight.
Must switch off the lights, close down the machines, put away the last recent books.
Last ditch quick look to find, not focused but aware of the time.
Work finished, choose your book quickly.
Short books, quick reads, graphic novels and where’s wally, please move on.
In the adventures, Hogwarts, treasure islands, being a cherub, skeleton detective, why yes.
Halloween just past, werewolves win, horror to keep them happy.
Wander past middle earth, browse over discworld, decide that you have wasted enough time.
Left empty handed, strange feeling of being cheated.
The worlds hidden in the library, just open a book to release and free.
Returning not choosing, question, my card got washed! Plastic is okay to be washed.
Sun shining in lower, other buildings blocking the bottoms of the windows.
Diffused sunshine painting temporary lines on spines of dreams.
Bell, doors, feet, rush, noise, stamping, laughing, shouting, farewells, wait ups.
Rush and push of escape, but from what I am not sure.
Peace, silence, distant cars and buses leave.

I hope you enjoy it, still makes me feel like I am still there, minutes to home time.

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