Monday, 18 November 2013

Keeping going

I spent most of last week running on auto pilot due to a nasty cold. In the past I would have curled into a metaphorical ball and hibernated in my work chair so I was here but not very active. Last week was the first week I was ill and couldn't do this. Now this week should be quieter, operative word being should! I also have a meeting in Edinburgh to go to in march and another in February in Inverness and best of all one possibly in Glasgow in January! hmm all of these are during our snow time, I am planning already...

Talk of planning, my oldest gets very worried ahead of anything and we do lots of relaxation things and how to cope things, but he had his driving test today. The instructor and I organised it and made the date, we made sure he was ready and kept him totally in the dark, at 9.31 he was directed to park by the test centre, and told that he would be taking his test now! I made sure he had his paperwork, and between us we kept it quiet, he may have slept well last night, I woke several times. The whole smoke and mirrors worked and he passed with flying colours which I am thrilled about but then I realised I have now lost my car!

This happened when the new post came up and I was lucky enough to get it, I spent ages planning the interview and the way I would help and do but didn't think what I would do if I got the job, I didn't want to jinx it!  of course all that happened was I sat at my desk the next day and realised that all that work was now mine! took my normal paperwork pile from a small pile to a much bigger one overnight and made me the one who gets called if there are issues, and there have been. I had no idea just what would cross my desk with this new job, little things that I wouldn't dream of taking to another but others bring to me, to massive employment rights and peoples lives. There are some things I write down at night to stop them becoming things that haunt my sleep. But I now feel I make a difference or know if I can make a difference, I have some control over life and what gets done, and I feel I can make a difference.

Sometimes the most fun things come with out plans, some come from hard work and minute planning details. The best skill I have learnt is to keep going, when ill I keep going, when challenged, I keep going. I am looking forward to Christmas though, then I can stop even if it just a few days! As long as I am enjoying life I shall keep going :-).

I did try to register for revalidation the other day with Cilip but they had a note saying applications suspended so I shall have to wait. I have been through it and I seem to have enough to go for the fellowship, which is strange but when broken down I have done enough to try at that level. The revalidation is only 250 words showing reflection! plus 20 hours over the year! When I listed what I have with bullet point just for the last year I am at 184 words :-) so I may just jump straight into the Fellowship application. Scary though... watch this space.

The winter is trying to settle in this week and our first snow warning is out for today, I like snow through the window! I do not mind it if I can keep me warm, but the cats hate the snow, they sulk in the house unless it is crisp and clear then they can sneak along and catch more prey! but as the ground gets cold and hard the litter trays become a battle point, as does the water bowls and the food bowls. I have no idea why my cats fight so much, everything is a battle, last night I had one in my arms and my lap was clear, the other kitten came for my lap, the one in my arms just had to start a fight so they both got tipped off and dumped on the carpet! I sadly predict more of this as the nights gets darker and the ground gets colder.

This morning I drove in to a sunrise not yet up, and the sky looked cold but clear above a line of cloud on the horizon. by home time it is getting dark, this is the time of year that gets the hardest, the getting to work in the dark and the coming home in the dark, weekend are precious, but I had a lie in Sunday and that meant by the time I got up I only had 4 hours of light left for the whole day! The flip side is this picture I took on Friday night on my way home.
It is one of several, but each time I upload one I chose a different one to see.
And even though this was before 4pm like everything else I just kept going :-).

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