Monday, 4 November 2013

Who keeps stealing my weeks?

I am sure it was mid October last week! now its November, where is my autumn going, it nearly winter!

I missed a week of blogging, I have no real reason but I just forgot. I had so much in last week, I had things planned to go in and I didn't get them in. I shall re-find them for today I hope so a double issue to try and make up for the lack last week.

First up a smile I have found, and one of my main giggle sites, Fake Library Statistics and the Halloween post. I love the pseudo stats and how they are presented, the cat lover one that was posted earlier still gets me sniggering into my coffee! I am part of the school literacy committee and when I saw this I had to save it and give the group a copy! Literacy at its best! Its from the Savage Chickens Site that also also linked to amazon for you to buy copies of his very funny books (mine are all on Kindle to allow me to have a quick smile while travelling, and to stop random passers by and share my humour, sorry if you get that from me.)

On  more serious note I saw this from Infoism and it made me worried, I was a child in the days of 'tell sid', and the public companies sell of times. It was heralded as the way to go the way forward, and now I look at my energy bill, my phone bill and now the post and wonder if we got it wrong?

A recent meeting included a feedback note from someone about MOOC's which made some of the group scratch their heads and frown. I love MOOC's and the flexibility you can get from dipping in and out when you get time but the community you get around you! Joeyanne explains it well in her post.

One of our Teachers won the talk talk digital teacher of the year for Scotland and they made a little clip to celebrate it. Here. I am not sure how I embed it, new skill to learn!

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