Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Strange Times of a Cat Lady

Who forgot to turn over my calendar and how dare it be December!

Sadly I have most of my Christmas cards done and out, and even went round delivering them to my neighbors on Sunday, but with an ulterior motive! One of my kittens went missing, no surprise, she wanders often but always comes home for tea, maybe late occasionally wet and windblown and one memorable night in a state after what we later found out was a fight with something bigger, which left her with a hole in her leg and very poorly and flat for a few weeks. Of the four cats we have had one to the vets more than all the others together and if any of them have an issue its her! but we love her and she is ours, we have had her from her birth (on my sofa!) she is pushy and loud, she starts fights and often breaks things, if something gets broken its her, directly or indirectly! But I spent a horrid sleepless night worrying about her and the day walking round checking empty sheds and garages, knocking on doors and asking passing folk. At 9pm on Sunday night someone I had chatted to during the day rang to say there was a lost cat on caitness.org, I checked and yes they describe her well but it may not be her! a benny hill esque series of phone calls led to a trip in my car at 10.15 at night to find that yes they had my Midnight, I gathered her up and hugged the stuffing out of her! The people had worried when she hadn't eaten! but as she is a madame and turns her nose up at all but one brand of sachet I wasn't too surprised! I could moan about folks who pick up cats who are not homeless or lost, and I could wax lyrical about people who care for even stray animals.
But Midnight is Home and now my husband isn't sure he will ever let her out again! Give that until Wednesday when she finally gets on his last nerve. :-)

Work is chaos and the weather is threatening 8 inches of snow later in the week when I have to be in Inverness! so we shall see what happens, we could do with some snow to make us feel christmassy!
Watching my pupils trying to write CV's and they have so few things they think are important! they run a social life and have a big social media presences and do not think they have skills! More in doing CV's and planning choices that are months off but more they do now the better they are aware come the spring choice forms. It is amazing how much they can find to do that isn't related to what they should be doing. I love being in contact with the pupils and their ideas and mindsets, keeps me on my toes.

I have been a part of the Good Reads web site for a while but haven't been as active as I should have been, and now I am catching up and enjoying reading for myself again. I even got some of the titles in the good reads for this year already read :-) the winners are here, and they look good there are some I really must read! When I went to Kindle I found I read more online and little formal books, but I now am trying to balance it back again. I even tried to read the Man Booker Prize list and got oms done :-) but sadly not the Luminaries as it was too thick! yes as a librarian I try to read thinner books! I do plan to get the Luminaries on my kindle for my Christmas read.

I also read this in my blog feed and it has given me ideas, both to do one for myself and to run something similar for the pupils in school!  A group of us used to meet up and share things here in the highlands, we used to call it tear and share, or more like steal and reshape as most things do not one size fit all, we have to adjust and develop our own resources, but I do object to reinventing the wheel! I will take it and make it fit us or use what I can but I do not like making from scratch!

Just been and signed a change petition, not my normal act but this was worth it. Set up by A Girl Called Jack, to debate the causes of the increase in use of food banks, and her quote that gets me every time...
In the words of Desmond Tutu: "There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they're falling in."
So I have signed and if you feel that way inclined please do so as well. #JacksPetition Thanks

Just to finish a quick shot of my much missing cat, who refused to look at the camera that day!

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