Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Tidal Waters

I feel I am on the tide line, The waves are rushing back and for making the day pass so fast and the weeks disappear too quickly. My old job is in a wind down for Christmas, the place has a vague feel of hibernation, of getting this finished and wound up, of marking time as a new topic or thing is not to be started now. The decorations are up, the dinner has been had, the parcels are out, and the hours, too close, are being counted, a slow down of the world. My new job is running at full pelt, cover in place, and  cover organised for the opening over Christmas, alternatives in place for computer cover, job cover, and line management organised, meetings planned for the first week back, new staff, new job applications, new timetables and work plans.

The Waves come and I am being tugged about and tossed around then the wave goes out and the calm descends and the sky is all you see until suddenly like the waves washing back I am picked up and shaken again! I think I didn't realize just how calming the peace and serenity was, and just well I have admitted to being bored in the past! Life couldn't stay the way it was, and I enjoy the challenge and work at my desk, but occasionally I get a two minute break and I think of what I used to do, and how much time I had to think in!

I have enjoyed various Blog posts this week, best has to be this one which I have been looking through all day and crying over some and laughing over others, from the letters of note (and yes I have ordered the book) looking at the most popular over the last year, number 10 had me sobbing in my keyboard! while number 14 had me giggling but unable to explain why! My Fave posts were both raising funds or profile, the incredible edible group raised its money to publish its book! woo hoo so pleased. while Jack Monroe who blogs as a girl called jack, (who I got off another blog originally) raised thousands of signatures to get a debate on the state of the welfare and food banks in Britain!

This time of year we are spoilt for sunsets and sunrises! I am not sure they occur in the summer months but as I do not get up early enough or stay up late enough any more to know you will have to just accept that this time of year is best for sunsets and sunrises!
This was Monday afternoon, around 2.30pm! cause that's sunset time round these parts! we gain so much and love it so much but this is our down side and I can live with this but I am not fond of the dark. The latest bell has gone and we are yet another class closer to the end of term.

I doubt I will get time to post over Christmas as my mother has no internet connection and I can get limited else where but my machine is at home and the Laptop I use not mine only borrowed. I hope we all have a peaceful and restful Christmas and a happy new year or Hogmany depending on your choice.

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