Sunday, 5 July 2009

Busy doing nothing

I have spent my weekend busy doing nothing, first hubby ended up going to Orkney and I had the kids etc all alone, then I had to get back up to speed as I had a day with few words earlier in the week, I am now at 9,300 words! I spent chunks of yesterday and today in the garden and have some great pics to prove it :-D this is from the back door looking over at the pool and trampoline. I caught the sun today and have a pink arm and shoulder, and my daughter is a also pink which is rare for her, but she sat in full sun for over an hour 'drying' after being in the pool. I got all my laundry done, cleaned and tidied and even did bins and dug up potatoes (my own grown in pots in the garden, they didn't last long as we cooked them and had them for an afternoon snack) Daughter has just used the 'bad cat' spray of water on her legs as they feel too hot. I shall leave with my picture of the evening sun in my garden, and my cat being a plant.
Nope no cats here just us plants.

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