Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Work and Play?

I have been working all week, I have been in to work early most days and late with one exception, when I took work home to finish. but that hasn't been my mine focus. my story is growing, tonight it is at 15,300+ words and I am into my second week of writing, I have only have one day of less than 2k words, and while it isn't going where I thought it would, I am enjoying it heaps. it has been a challenge as I cant go back and edit anything as per my agreement to write, and I keep running out of supporting stuff and have a whopping great history book next to my computer which is so large it gets peoples knees if the get too close :-D
I am also knitting but plan to do more next week on my hols, and I booked my tickets tonight, wheeeee, I feel giddy, mind you I did find I had to go over Friday night as Saturday was all booked up! all those peeps in Orkney, may be a bit crowded, but fun I hope.
I am off to bed to read now as I am avoiding Torchwood, which seems to be trying to freak me this time round which is a pity as I adore John Barrowman.

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