Monday, 30 November 2009

25 Sleeps to Christmas

I am so behind all my pre Christmas jobs this year, I usually have my cards posted and most of my pressies got, but this year I am behind, I have all my cards to write and few pressies sorted yet. I hoped to get time this weekend and instead ended up cooking and going out for Saturday and sleeping in and having a fab long bath on Sunday, I he pick up after Tom being away and he so needed the peace too, but now I am behind and tonight I am due to get my swine Flu jab! woo hoo not! so I may be even more behind by tomorrow!
Saturday was fab more info from landgirl and I bought some cheap socks and have them ready to make a monkey, even went and saw the shop ones on my way home, way to go Jill.
Monday is cold and worse the heating at work is patchy and one whole building is unheated as of 8.50am much to every one who is in it very unhappy. I am okay and the library is 20 c at the moment, but I feel under dressed as the office have lost their extra heaters and have put back on coats, the new block has every one in coats and woollies, the kids are walking between buildings and are wrapped up warm. while I am in a thin top, and okay while in my library but it isn't warm!
Spent part of yesterday watching the snow fall and not settle out of my front room window, best sort of snow.

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