Tuesday, 24 November 2009


I have just discovered I can update from work! At last I should get a chance to do more here. The headie of English is setting her whole higher class up on the system as a multimedia exercise and a way to keep interaction as free as possible. (or I think so?) I did some checking and found not only could I make a blog I could get on my own blog! I planned this to be a refection of work and home for me so I shall now be able to add more work sides.
I am currently helping sort email problems and vaults, which has gone to the help desk to get the right buttons installed on every ones machine (mine got done by a very nice young man whole helped me the first time) am also having to marshall my thoughts and sort out my chartership documents as I have been asked to mentor someone else through theirs, which I am thrilled to do but terrified as well! the termly meetings have been going well and we are getting alot sorted each meeting, must check I have done all my jobs for this, but I think so.
Also have just joined the ecoschools committee as the green ambassador for wick high which is even odder, but I must turn off monitors and light s and be responsible before I can ask that of any one else!
Daughter is off school today with bad cough, she has been working up to it for days!, mind you she wanted to day off to be with her dad who dosent work tuesdays, guess what, he had to work today and so she is home alone, poor soul!
Must go and see how my kids are doing this lunch time and hope to do more tomorrow.

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