Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Not a suprize but annoying

I chased up a contact for work about a book fair I give every year around the first full week in December, imagine my shock when they said no fair! It costs the organisers £300 plus to run fair and need the school to promise to return £400 in sales! well I have done over that occasionally but mainly in the £300 range, and so I don't qualify for a fair unless I 'promise to sell £400 or more' and I could make it up in sales from me! but finances are currently running very dry (oops over spend already this year) and my return from running it is usually free books, I would need to buy the books to make up the difference and then find even more to make my free ones! but they really didn't want to send my one, well how sad, less work for me, less hassle and no sorting all the funds out and being in two places at once! If they don't want my work I am happy with the time. must get my cards written, may even use my craft Saturday for that, it is for finishing things after all! and my cards need finishing.

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