Monday, 5 September 2011

Things #15, #16 and #18

Thing #15 #16 and #18

I see thing #17 got postponed, such is life.

I have a bad wrist so my typed work is short at the moment, no reflection on cdp23! Just me!

Thing #15 is about going to and participating in conferences and events, I did go to umbrella this summer and got heaps from it. I need to know more about advocacy (yes thing #16) and to be more open minded (as well as open posted, I didn’t always open my Cilip post if I was busy!) I plan to set up a mash up in the winter/spring when our own work has settled, new jobs fun but hard work esp. as my other side has problems and I was in the works depot at 8am looking at the state of the library van! After the 1st of October we become a ‘private ltd co’ and we hope to have the bulk of our training done by the end of the year, so I shall be organising one for after that in the highland capital Inverness. So yes I will be attending, organising and even plan to give a paper for the next Umbrella on how life has changed for us and how to get the best from it! Big plans but I hope to live up to it.

Thing #16 is one I need to do more of, I shall be changing my groups or adding it, I didn’t know what was covered by this and I need to know more. I shall be following more links and doing more work, and I think this for me is tied in with thing #15. I need to get my blog out to a wider audience, and I need to get more of my own interactions into the wider professional community. I shall be looking into the links and doing more commenting and I shall be linking my blog to the cdp23 for this thing as it is potentially the most important one so far. As a profession we can only stand a whole, no one else will ride in to save us (and we shouldn’t wait for it either) We need each other and if we all work together we can make changes, we can show a need. One voice isn’t much but when its many we have more chance, and we need to say more and do more (when we have time!) and the best tool for this is advocacy.

Thing #18 I already do to a bit of an extent, I have film of the kids on world book day and other things saved but not yet used! I spend part of my day watching podcasts and news clips, and I make power points to catch and keep kids attention already, but to step into podcasting is a big one, I am looking forward to making a podcast of my library skills so other kids can do it as they get time, or to brush up on them. As I am part of a group looking into best practice in this I am hoping ot get the best and podcast it, sadly I don’t have all the technology yet but I have plans and hope to be more savvy next term when glow to meeting get running more.

Over all I am finding that the CPD23 is helping but I will be going back and doing things when they more fit in my time, I plan to take some work on holiday at Christmas to write and do when not online!

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