Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Thing #14

I seem to have stalled on thing 14, I find I currently don't have a need for bibliography's, I know this is just my current situation so will be looking into this more but I don't use FireFox, so can't use zotero, I haven't had time to download Mandalay at home, and sadly am still working out what delicious is!

The start of the new term for school librarians is taken up with the library skills for the new first years and as I am over half way through (as of 30 mins ago!) I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel and hope it isn't an oncoming train (like normal).

I now realise that thinking at glacial speed has meant that I haven't done thing 15 or 16 yet but I hurt my arm at the weekend and have spent last 3 days in allot of pain, mehh, I live. I am still keeping my reflective diary which has done me some good but find I cant keep it over the weekend as I am too distracted! but now I know! I can do so much and achieve this much and more isn't realistic, for that alone I think the CPD23 is a winner!

I must go and sort out the next Library skills class and the next things! while keep track of other things in planning, I need a secretary not a diary! applications accepted, pay nil, hours awful, conditions ad hoc! lol.

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