Monday, 5 September 2011


Just rereading some of my older posts and my shake up is still on, I have nearly finished round my computer and by my chair at home, work is down to 4 boxes which I should get done over the next few eeks and first week of hols! my clothes have been shaken but not fully sorted, that needs some more of my friend Heather to help me vet things, may ask both her and Sharon over for a weekend of sorting!
So work is moving and I am still keeping my reflective journal (not sure I am doing it right but its happening) and so am not missing work things, home is not quite as organised but there are 4 other people to sort there...
Kittens now small cats and very fun but hard work. they are all jagged and chipped and well, poor smudge still growls at them but they do like to stalk her! poor love.

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  1. Good to catch up with you and to see/hear that though things are sometimes hard, you are your usual incomparable up and at em kinda person. I hope to see you Saturday. And I think I will try your 23 things come January.